Woody Wood sat with his wife, Doris Wood, waiting for their great-grandson, 4-year-old Nash Jones, to enter the grand room at Atria Senior Center on Thursday morning.

Nash arrived in a festive Native American costume – a poncho embellished with fringe and a headdress complete with three colorful feathers - alongside his All Saints Episcopal School classmates, who performed for the senior residents.

The children circled around their teachers and did a Native American dance during one of their songs. The students were laughing and spinning around as their music teacher beat a large Native American-style drum.

"I think this is great," Mr. Wood said, adding he has never had a chance to see his great-grandson Nash perform before.

Nash, who is a student in All Saints' 4-year-old class, is one of the Wood's three great-grandchildren. The Woods have been residents at Atria Senior Center for three years and said they have enjoyed watching the annual Thanksgiving performance by All Saints.

This year, the class learned 11 Thanksgiving songs and choreography, which they rehearsed for weeks in their music class to prepare for Thursday's performance, teacher Robin Edgemon said.

The children even prepared small handmade gifts - turkeys on a stick made with construction paper - for the residents, which they handed out at the end of their performance.

"We refer to the residents as Atria as our Grand-friends," Mrs. Edgemon said. "This is an annual event for our students, their parents are welcome, and it is fun for everyone when we visit."


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