Janie's Cakes in Tyler has made it to Oprah's List of Favorite things, with Oprah Winfrey saying it's among the most delicious cakes she's ever had.

"Texas-based bakery owner Janie Clapp makes pound cake using only natural ingredients, just as her great-grandmother taught her," Oprah writes in her online Amazon store. "But Grandma never filled her cake with coffee-toffee buttercream or raspberry curd! Hands down, it's the best pound cake I've ever had."

According to their website, Janie makes every pound cake the same way she made her very first: from all-natural ingredients, farm-fresh eggs, real creamery butter and with a huge dollop of her great-grandmother's abiding love.

The cakes were featured on "Good Morning America" on Thursday morning, where they were showcased among some of Oprah's other favorite gift items this season. The products will be featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, and the full list is available at oprah.com.

Clapp said Oprah picked seven flavors from her menu, and four of her favorite flavors were featured on GMA, which offered a 50 percent discount to anyone who bought a cake through midnight Thursday.

"We were notified that we had made the list back in September, so it's been difficult keeping it a secret for this long," Clapp said. "We guaranteed them so many cakes, and then we had a call back that they want 8,000 more."

Although Clapp has had time to prepare for the rush, she didn't know quite what to expect until the news broke Thursday morning.

"It just was on GMA this morning, and so that boost has been obvious," Clapp said mid-morning Thursday. "The phones are ringing, and they are streaming from their website as well. It's going to be a lot of fun, and we are going to sell a lot of cakes."

Janie's isn't the first East Texan to make Oprah's favorite things list. In 2003, Tyler's Greenberg Smoked Turkeys made the list and was featured on the Oprah show, when Winfrey would famously hand out one of each of her favorite things to members of her audience.

"It is fantastic for Janie's Cakes to make Oprah's favorites list. It is a great opportunity for any business to get national recognition and causes a huge boom in business," Sam Greenberg of Greenberg Smoked Turkeys said.

Since his turkeys appeared on the show, Greenberg has been featured in a wide array of media coverage, including a 2011 story in Bloomberg Businessweek. In that story Greenberg said the exposure forced the business - which didn't even have a website at the time - to immediately increase turkey production by 10,000 and run its smoker 24 hours a day. As soon as the segment aired, the business started getting orders from around the country.

"To mention my product for 42 seconds and to sell $1 million worth of turkeys, that's a lot of power," Greenberg told Bloomberg. "Her endorsement is worth its weight in gold."

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