Jumpshot Coffee is expected to open in late January in a former bank building at 734 S. Fleishel in Tyler.

Jumpshot Coffee is expected to open in late January in a former bank building at 734 S. Fleishel in Tyler.

Sasha and Levi Rodriquez moved to Tyler from Colorado earlier this year, for variety of reasons, including they wanted to live in a smaller town, Sasha Rodriquez said. She is originally from Brazil and grew up in Spain, and that’s where they met when they were both working full-time in missions, she said.

The couple participates in Cole Hatter’s Thrive program, which teaches people about not only making money, but making money matter. They have been financially supporting an orphanage in the Uganda’s capital of Kampala. She said 35 children live there.

“Orphanages in Africa rely on donations outside of Africa. Since the beginning of 2021, we started supporting them,” she said.

The coffee shop is designed to support the orphanage, she said. It’s not a nonprofit, but a for-profit business “for a purpose.”

“Our slogan as a family is ‘make money matter,’” Rodriquez said, quoting Hatter’s slogan. “It speaks for itself. Don’t just make money. Make it matter.”

She said the family had considered closing the coffee shop on Sundays, so employees could attend church and rest, but they decided to shift gears and donate 100 percent of the profits from Sundays to the orphanage. Rodriquez said Saturdays and Sundays are the most profitable days for Starbucks, for instance, and people will still drink coffee on Sundays regardless.

Those profits will fully support the orphanage in Uganda with larger amounts than what her family alone was able to provide, she said. Her family has a goal of helping the orphanage purchase land so it can grow its own fruits and vegetables. To help achieve that goal, the couple decided to “reach out to our hometown” through this new business, she said, adding that they have seen how “passionate” Tyler people are about supporting local businesses.

The coffee shop will be open 5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. seven days a week, with hours subject to change during the summer.


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