Paul and Jennifer Hooge

Paul and Jennifer Hooge opens new business

Kitchen Tune-Up, a national kitchen remodeling company known for five service options to update kitchens and cabinetry has arrived in Tyler. Meeting the growing demand from homeowners seeking to update and upgrade the look of their kitchens, Tyler’s Kitchen Tune-Up is serving homeowners throughout East Texas.

Local residents Paul and Jennifer Hooge recently launched Kitchen Tune-Up’s operations along with the support of the company’s home office located in Aberdeen, South Dakota. The award-winning company has established itself as the industry leader with more than 32 years of success behind it.

“We’re excited to be a part of Kitchen Tune-Up because it allows us to provide homeowners a one-of-a-kind experience in creating a place that is their own,” said Paul. “From being a personalized retreat from the outside world to a gathering place for family and friends, kitchens are the backbones of homes. It is our goal to make kitchen updates hassle-free for folks throughout Tyler and the surrounding communities.”

Before opening his Kitchen Tune-Up location, Paul was a mechanical engineer and served in various engineering, maintenance and operations roles. Jennifer is a Special Education teacher who loves helping students achieve goals they did not think were possible.

“We are so proud to be part of a company that has built its reputation on trust, top service and amazing results,” added Paul. “You truly cannot put a price tag on the joy that these transformations will create for our customers and their families.”

While most kitchen remodeling services can take weeks, leaving kitchens inaccessible, Tyler Kitchen Tune-Up can finish its work in as little time as one day. Kitchen Tune-Up’s impeccable customer service standards, known as its Trustpoints, ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

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