One East Texas business isn’t just taking cautionary measures against the coronavirus, it’s assisting others in their fight for cleanliness and teaching them how to clean.

Office Pride, a commercial cleaning service in Tyler, encourages both individuals and businesses to disinfect their space regularly to help stall the spread of germs and diseases.

David Stein, owner of Office Pride in Tyler, says that his branch has been serving East Texas since 2010, and says their cleaning teams service over 200 buildings.

Even though Office Pride focuses on commercial cleaning, Stein felt the need to speak out about what families and individuals can do to combat the virus in light of the recent outbreak.

“A normal household cleanser, with the proper amount of alcohol, which most of them are going to have, is going to kill the virus,” said Stein. “So, if it’s wiped down properly, then you’re effective in what it is that you’re doing.”

Stein said that some of his clients have chosen to increase their cleaning regiment and says that cleaning more often is the first step to a safer work or home environment.

“You’re really doing the normal things that you would do, just potentially more often,” said Stein. “We just had one client today that we normally clean two days a week go up to five days a week. So, they’re wanting a more frequent level of service.”

When cleaning, Stein said that people need to consider the “high-touch” areas.

“Think about the areas you would touch,” said Stein. “What areas are you going to touch more than others? Your keyboard, your mouse, your phone, doorknobs, light plates, bathroom fixtures, things like that.”

Stein said that Office Pride offers 4 different levels of cleaning; the first being a regular weekly or biweekly cleaning. The next step that a company might take is to clean regularly, but more often. The third step in service that Office Pride provides is a deep clean.

“Somebody might say: ‘I want you guys to come in and go through the whole facility. I want you to wipe down walls, I want you to wipe down cabinets. Everything. And that comes at a higher charge. There’s going to be a higher rate for something like that,’” said Stein.

For the fourth step in service, Office Pride has partnered with Lone Star HAZMAT Response to perform a high-powered cleaning.

“If somebody had a virus identified in one of their locations, that’s sort of your next step,” said Stein. “They have a fogger, and they go in there with an electrostatic sprayer and it sprays down the entire area.”

Still, Stein said that the job of cleanliness can’t just fall on a cleaning crew.

“There’s certainly a benefit to having us do that, but the biggest part of winning this battle is on the client,” said Stein.

Stein emphasizes that regular disinfectant house cleaner is usually sufficient to clean the germs away, until they are “tracked in” again. It’s up to the individual to do their own job sanitizing and keeping their environment clean.

“Even if we are coming in and cleaning on a nightly basis, business should be on their own arming their people with wipes, sprayers; and cleaning their own areas, their own door handles, and their own high-traffic areas.”

For more information on Office Pride commercial cleaning services, call 903-339-2035 or visit

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