M. Roberts Media, the largest marketing company in East Texas, announced the formation of a new digital agency named M. Roberts Digital.

Digital teams from six different agencies are joining together to form one digital marketing agency named M. Roberts Digital. The agency will provide digital services — such as website creation, digital advertising, social media management, videography and email marketing — to businesses throughout East Texas, Dallas and Victoria.

“I am proud to announce the formation of M. Roberts Digital, which will be the digitally-focused advertising agency for M. Roberts Media,” company President Stephen McHaney said. “This announcement is part of the natural evolution of our company. We have had very talented people developing award-winning campaigns in six markets across Texas. This move puts those people into one larger team.”

The former agencies that are merging into M. Roberts Digital include: Advocate Digital Services, Butler Creative Group, News Herald Digital Services, News Journal Digital Services, News Messenger Digital Services and Watchman Digital Services.

“I believe the formation of M. Roberts Digital more clearly shows the depth of talent and experience that M. Roberts can bring to the table,” McHaney said. “The M. Roberts Digital team is made up of people working full time on digital marketing. While the name is new, the team is the same award-winning group that has delivered results for customers for many years. The team has over 70 years of combined experience in digital marketing, design and video production.”

Bret Jacomet has been named the director of M. Roberts Digital and is excited about the future of the agency.

“M. Roberts Digital will deliver effective, measurable campaigns for our clients,” Jacomet said. “We truly have a unique combination of superior targeting tools with unmatched local audience reach. Our team of experienced digital experts live in the markets that they serve, accessible and eager to make a difference for their customers.”

M. Roberts Digital will continue to offer “best of breed” products and services including: website development, geo-fencing, programmatic advertising, behavioral targeting, creative development, video production and advertising, email marketing, social media management, media buying and overall campaign strategy.

The agency’s headquarters will be in Tyler although it will have personnel in various locations across the state. M. Roberts Media invites the general public to learn more about the services provided by M. Roberts Digital at mrobertsdigital.com.

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