As if the year hasn’t been scary enough, one local business is trying to frighten their customers even more in the weekends leading up to Halloween. Gleaux Car Wash on South Broadway Avenue is hosting a “Fright Night” drive-thru car wash every Friday and Saturday night through Halloween.

“We’re always looking for ways to make a fun experience for our guests,” said Gleaux General Manager Nyc Moy. “That idea of people not having fun places that they can go and celebrate in a time of quarantine, in a time of social distancing, and in a time when they’re kind of scared to go into other places — we provide a place where they can drive through, be scared, celebrate the Halloween season, and have a lot of fun.”

Moy said that the idea occurred to the Gleaux team last year to do something for Halloween. They came up with the idea of producing an experience like a haunted house, but while going through a car wash.

“We aren’t the first ones to do it, but we want to innovate the way it’s done,” Moy said. “You actually get a story to play on the radio station in your car as you go through. And you will have interactions inside the tunnel that relate to that story. It makes for an immersive experience.”

Gleaux has set up a short-range radio station broadcasting on 107.7 FM that surrounds the area around the car wash to help captivate the audience. The station also features music, giveaways, and prizes.

Guests will have two options during the Fright Night car wash. One option provides a scarier experience, while the other is a bit more family friendly.

“The great thing about it, is when you go to a haunted house or something like that, you typically have to pay per person,” Moy said. “We’re providing an event where you can bring as many people as you can in one vehicle and pay one price.”

The event costs $30 per car and includes a “top of the line” Gleaux car wash. The event starts at 7 p.m. each Friday and Saturday in October.

Digital Multimedia Journalist

Ben Fenton is a digital multimedia journalist that has worked at the Tyler Morning Telegraph since 2019. He is from Lindale, Texas and holds a Bachelors in Digital Media and a Masters in Communication.

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