Danny Mogle

As I write this column in early April, the coronavirus continues to spread in East Texas. 

To combat this contagious disease, health and government officials are urging — in some cases mandating — us all to practice social distancing and only get out of our homes to take care of essential matters.  

As a result, many activities in East Texas have been canceled, restaurants and bars are temporarily closed and popular attractions are off limits. 

Lifestyles typically would contain a calendar listing arts, entertainment and community events. We have pulled the calendar for this issue. It is not clear what will be taking place during May and June. Some events, including the annual Texas Shakespeare Festival, already have been canceled. Decisions about whether other events would go on had not been made at press time. 

The magazine includes stories written and photographs taken before stay-at-home directives were issued and before we were encouraged to cover our faces with a mask when in public. Do not assume based on these stories and photos that measures to protect yourself from the virus have been lifted. 

Pay attention to local news. Follow any social distancing directives. Don't let your guard down and until health and government officials say to do so.

When that day comes, and it will come, let's all patronize the arts and entertainment venues and eateries that contribute to our East Texas quality of life. Let's do what we can to help businesses and arts organizations get back on their feet. Let's not take community celebrations and fundraisers for granted.

We all look forward to the day when the number of people with the virus is going down instead of up. We look forward to when we again can meet with our friends, go to a movie, worship in groups and have meals inside our favorite restaurants. 

Until that day arrives, we will all have to continue to make adjustments to our lifestyles. Until that day arrives, we will continue to make adjustments to Lifestyles Magazine. 


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