In East Texas is a winery that not only does wine-and-chocolate pairings, but also produces a chocolate favored wine.

M-6 Winery in Bullard blends chocolate essence and a touch of almond into their sweet red creating their Our Cocoa Texas blend. This unusual wine pairs well with high quality dark chocolates.

Joe Moody, owner of M-6 Winery, says that "the rule of thumb for pairings is to pair (chocolate) items that are not sweeter than the wine being served."

If you need a sweet-tooth fix for Valentine’s Day, try the Lindale Candy Company. It has been in Lindale since the 1940s and crafts bowls and hearts made of peppermint for Valentine’s Day

It also has plenty of handmade chocolates to fill a peppermint bowl.

The peanut butter bars are melt-in-your-mouth creamy and the chocolate covered cherries are a tart/sweet treat any Valentine would love.

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