Artist rendering of the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute at Cumberland Road and South Broadway Avenue. It will be a four-story facility with 62,000 square feet of diagnostic, care and rehabilitation space.

Christus Trinity Mother Frances is building a new facility in Tyler to provide a higher level of care in orthopedics and sports medicine and help athletes become the best they can be. 

Its Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute at Cumberland Road and South Broadway Avenue will be a four-story facility with 62,000 square feet of diagnostic, care and rehabilitation space.

The ground floor will include the Rehabilitation Center; a Community Education Center that will host lectures, screenings, and community and organization events for up to 50 people; and the Peak Performance Program.

“This is an important development for Christus Trinity Mother Frances Health System, for Christus Trinity Clinic, as well as for the people and athletes of Northeast Texas who trust us for orthopedic and sports medicine care,” Anne Pileggi, chief operating officer, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System,” said in announcing the project.

“With this state-of-the-art facility, we are thrilled to expand access to the award-winning, faith-based, patient-centered care that is at the heart of our place in this community,” she said.

Dr. Steven Keuer, president of Christus Trinity Clinic, said: “This facility will provide patients with access to the specialists they need, as well as services and expertise they can’t get anywhere else, which demonstrates our commitment to serving this community and the Northeast Texas region. Our mission as a system is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, and this Institute allows us to further that mission, to help people live healthier more impactful lives.”

The Human Performance Center, also known as Peak Performance, will be a 5,500-square-foot fitness facility containing safe and technologically advanced equipment, the announcement said and 25 yards of indoor turf for movement training for both human performance and physical therapy.

Peak Performance will include:

Individualized Structural Balance Assessment – Collecting individual data to correct imbalances.

Medical Fitness - Medically-integrated programs designed specifically for the patients of Christus Trinity Mother Frances Health System.

Team and Organization Training – Team building through fitness for business organizations and sports teams.

Adult Training – Specialized functional and movement training for adults looking to take control of their physical lifestyles.

Youth Training – young athletes will learn to properly train motor behavior patterns by becoming stronger, learning to move faster, and gain confidence each and every day.

Sports Performance Training – Athletes can raise their game to the next level by training the sport-specific energy systems and demands of their sport.

“The Peak Performance Program is something that we are tremendously excited to bring to the people of this community and this region,” said Dr. William Hobbs,  the institute chair, Christus Trinity Clinic Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

“The program will support athlete training programs, extended recovery/rehabilitation treatment beyond primary rehab services, and offer a groundbreaking pre-surgical fitness intervention program to accelerate recovery," Hobbs continued. "We believe there is simply nothing that can compare to this level of expertise in our region, and it will make a huge impact on the health and recovery of the athletes we treat.”

The center also will house offices of an orthopedics team, diagnostic imaging support, podiatry and other specialty services.

“This facility will centralize and connect the orthopedics and sports medicine experts and treatments at a location that is more easily accessible for a lot of East Texans,” said Jason Proctor, CEO of Christus Mother Frances Hospitals - Tyler, South Tyler, Jacksonville and Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital.

“This facility connects our patients to the treatments, imaging and specialists needed to examine and treat patients as efficiently and effectively as possible. We look forward to getting started on this facility and expanding access to the award-winning, faith-based care that our communities have trusted for more than 80 years,” Proctor said. 

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