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Courtesy ‘Elysium’ looks to be a very entertaining, smart film and it’s an original sci-fi adventure.

Here's a look at what's opening this weekend.



What's it about? In the future, Earth's wealthy and privileged live in the orbiting space station Elysium, while the poor must fend for themselves on the planet. A man (Matt Damon) undertakes a mission that could disrupt that balance of power and lives.

Will it be good? Neill Blomkamp came out of nowhere and made a heck of a splash when he released "District 9" in 2009. This looks to kick things up to another level. While Blomkamp is anything but subtle in his allegory and messaging, this still looks to be a very entertaining, smart film. Plus, it's an original sci-fi adventure, of which we get too few these days.


"Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters"

What's it about? Demigod Percy Jackson (son of Poseidon) must travel to the fabled Sea of Monsters in order to retrieve the Golden Fleece, the only thing that prevents the resurrection of an ancient evil.

Will it be good? Who knows. The first was mediocre at best and stopped just short of being a flop. This sequel seems to have been made through sheer force of will alone. I'm guessing it'll be just like the first: Not bad, just instantly forgettable. At least we get Nathan Fillion as Hermes.



What's it about? Dusty Crophopper (voice of Dane Cook) is a cropduster who wants nothing more than to compete in a famous aerial race. The only thing stopping him is his crippling fear of heights. Can he overcome his fear to fulfill his dreams?

Will it be good? Spoiler alert! Dusty will almost certainly overcome his fear. That said, this spinoff of the "Cars" franchise (sans the input and creativity of Pixar) looks bland, bland, bland. Look, when the trailers for your kids movie features a song by '90s industrial metal band White Zombie with a main character voiced by sophomoric stand-up comedian Dane Cook, you should probably re-examine your approach to things.




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