Siblings seek stability of permanent home

Gillian Sheridan

Three East Texas siblings in foster care value the time they spent together.

“The three of them have been through a lot. They came from a big family and they have lost contact with a lot of them and so they are the only family they have left,” said Amy Canton, their Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA, volunteer.

“It’s hard on me, but it’s the best situation that I have been in and I’m thankful that we have foster care,” said Katelynn, the oldest sibling.

Katelynn is 15 years old and said to be a typical teenager.

“I like to read, write and I love school,” she said. “I like spending time with my brother and sister, too.”

Jarrod is 14 years old and described as introverted.

“I like cars and hanging out with my friends,” Jarrod said.

He also enjoys computer games and robotics. He’s very technological and does well taking things apart and putting them back together.

The youngest is 12-year-old Kristina.

“I like to sing, run, color and draw,” Kristina said. “I’m in Pre-AP math and Pre-AP science. I do math a lot and make up my own problems to solve, and I love reading.”

These siblings have come a long way during their two years in foster care.

“I’ve grown more respectful and I’ve become more trustworthy of people,” said Katelynn, who didn’t used to trust anyone.

That progress will continue for all of them with the stability of a permanent home — “a family who understands they haven’t had a lot of guidance when they were younger,” Canton said. “They kind of raised themselves.”

Now it’s time for them to enjoy their youth with support from a forever family.

“It will help me feel more like I’m a part of a family than I do in foster care,” Kristina said.

They look forward to the day when they can say they’re not in foster care anymore. And while they wait for that day, they stick together.

“We have each other’s backs, no matter what,” Katelynn said.

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