Liquid diet: Going with with the flow

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As you are reading this story I am starting day two of a liquid diet. Why? Is it some type of fad diet? No, that's not the reason.

I am finally getting my tonsils out. I have heard plenty of stories about how this procedure gets worse with age and requires a long tortuous recovery. I am trying not to think too much about that.

My doctor doesn't agree with these opinions and said it's no fun at any age, and the reason ad-ults seem to have a more difficult time is because they are more vocal about their pain. Kids will cry, sleep, eat their ice cream, and repeat. Then, soon enough, they bounce back, like kids do.

As a kid, your parents were in control. They planned things, told you when they were happening, and that's just what you did. Things just happened without you having to worry about the who, what, when, where, why and how of it all.

As an adult, you have to operate in a much different way. Now it's our turn to be in control, get everything ready, figure out all the finances, details and other not so relaxing points. All of which keeps us from facing these types of situations with a mind that is free of anxiety.

Instead of worrying and giving into fear, I'm just going to go with the flow. FLOW — being the key word here. Lots of liquids are ready to flow.

I have 7up, apple juice, cranberry juice, tea, milk and, although acidic juices aren't advised, lemonade and orange juice. Everyone tells me I won't want hot liquids, but I couldn't resist buying all of my favorite Campbell's soup flavors — tomato, potato, mushroom and chicken with rice.

On the semi-solid side there's yogurt, ice cream and sorbet. Maybe by the weekend I will be interested in mashed potatoes, soft scrambled eggs or creamy macaroni and cheese.

Since I have been suffering with tonsillitis for so long, my favorite remedy is hot water with lemon and honey. That's why I was thinking the chamomile tea, chicken broth and varieties of soup would be nice to have on hand. The jury is still out on these remedies.

Just because I am not eating doesn't mean you have to suffer too. There will still be plenty of great FLAVOR over the next two weeks. This week there are some amazing corn recipes. Then next week will be quick and healthy breakfast solutions. Hopefully I will be back in action by September 11 for a special section that highlights the smorgasbord of great food that will be showcased at this year's March of Dimes Signature Chefs event.

Finally, on September 18 we will be celebrating the 100th episode of FRESH Idea on KYTX-CBS19. I looked over the list of 100 plus recipes I have created for television and was overwhelmed. I can't believe how much is on the list. If you are a regular viewer of FRESH Ideas, please email me with some of your favorite recipes. I really want to know what recipes you've tried and what was your favorite. Your feedback is always welcome and important to hear. You can email me at


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