Beginning today we will be covering the League of Legends World Championship throughout the entire month of October. Now if you're unfamiliar with what exactly that is, League of Legends is currently the most popular PC game in the world, with 67 million monthly players.

Professional teams from all over the world play the game competitively throughout the year in regional leagues, and the best 16 teams advance to the World Championships, which will be held throughout Europe. The winner of the tournament will receive a $1 million prize.

The World Championship began its group stage last Thursday, October 1st in Paris. There are 16 teams split into four groups of four, which will participate in a double round-robin tournament. This means that each team will face every other team twice. From here the top two teams from each group will advance to a knockout stage, where teams will face off in a best-of-5 series.

We will be continuing coverage of the World Championship for the remainder of the month, so be sure to check back daily for updates and video highlights of the games.


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