Starting Monday, the Tyler YMCA will begin its On the Go Iron Man Triathlon. This 30-day athletic challenge includes a 2.4-mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile walk or run. While a triathlete can successfully complete these activities in one day, the less-than-athletic person can challenge themselves to do this over 30 days.

It's a great idea, especially for people of any fitness level or of any age who are looking for different options for exercise.

Now it's too late to register for the YMCA challenge, but why not do it on your own if you have access to a pool and a bicycle?

It's a reminder to think outside of the box, whether you're attempting to lose weight or improve fitness. It's also an opportunity to challenge yourself while going at your own pace. It's also gets you out of an exercise rut if you're easily bored by the same old routine.

If you can't swim or don't fancy riding a bike, think of other ways to challenge yourself in a 30-day period. For example, try a circuit training session in your living room. Play volleyball, basketball or tennis with friends or family for 30 days. Turn it into a tournament. Maybe the winner can get a prize along with bragging rights. Repeat the tournament but mix in a different sport next time.

Relive the days of elementary recess by trying out jump-roping skills for a month, from double-dutch to a modified boxer's training routine.

Take advantage of the next 30 days and see it through, as we'll soon be looking for ways to stay motivated enough to exercise in cooler weather while cozying up with fall comfort foods.

Do you have an idea for a 30-day challenge? Leave your suggestions at the Fit City Challenge Facebook page.





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