Georgia Blue welcomes spring flowers

GEORGIA BLUE grows in the Heritage and IDEA gardens of the Tyler Rose Garden. It appears in late March and only blooms for a month, but makes a great groundcover in the garden. It grows well in soil that drains well, with plenty of sunshine and regular watering.

We are starved for sunshine and life in the garden this year for sure. It's time to welcome blue skies and spring flowers.

Blue skies are mirrored in this lovely little spreading veronica called Georgia Blue, growing in the Heritage and IDEA gardens. Georgia Blue makes such a sweet little groundcover in late March and early April. It only blooms for a month, but what a wow factor in the garden!

Veronica peduncularis, or Georgia Blue, covers the ground with a mat of tiny green foliage all year and becomes a mass of tiny but very noticeable blue four-petal flowers with bright white eyes in early spring. This little veronica grows wonderfully here in good soil that drains well, plenty of sunshine and regular water.

Every few years you may have to pull out some, but the plant is never a thug that takes over all the space surrounding it. Small bulbs grow well among it. I once saw a lovely planting of 8-inch-tall tete-a-tete daffodils blooming in a mass of Georgia Blue, and it was a knock out.

The only care you will need to give this little groundcover is a slight trimming back after blooming (or not). If you have even a small space in the sun, please get a start of Georgia Blue and enjoy it for years to come.


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