Gardening: Bishop

‘Desert' In IDEA Garden

We have a bit of the desert right here in East Texas.

Joanie Matthews, one of our coordinators in the IDEA Garden, loves succulents and cacti, so she has gradually formed a small desert in a little nook next to the shade garden.

Next time you are out, please come to view all of our gardens, and when you get to the IDEA Garden, take a look at our tiny desert. It is located just to the right of the shade patio. You will need to go down the little rock pathway to see it well as it is behind the semicircle area of the sidewalk.

After having years of ongoing drought, deserts are not out of the question anymore. Most of the plants you see here can take whatever rain they get, whether lots or none, and that is what we always have — all or none.

If you have a hot, dry area, maybe a small area next to a driveway, mailbox or just an area that is too shallow for grass to grow well, consider planting it with these tough plants.

One of the first Joanie planted was the beautiful gold and green striped color guard yucca. It is beautiful all year long. Other yuccas, several of which are native, will take a good bit of shade or lots of sun.

If you look closely, you will see other small sedums, and other succulent plants that eventually will cover lots of ground. All have beautiful forms and provide lots of interest. The rock mulch and stones complete the desert look and show off each plant to its best.

Good work, Joanie!




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