WHO: Rebecca Hoeffner, Tyler Morning Telegraph Faith writer

WHAT: "Love Walked In," by Marisa de los Santos

WHY: There are tons of feel-good children's books I can think of, but one of my favorite feel-good novels is called "Love Walked In" by Marisa de los Santos. It's a story about a woman who comes to care for a child who isn't her own and what it teaches her along the way. It's a story about how there can be hope and redemption in even the darkest situations. And the protagonist is oh-so-witty to boot.



WHO: Justin Earley, CBS19 anchor

WHAT: Morning

WHY: My favorite moment of the day is when I get up early, grab an iced coffee and head to the gym for an intense workout. It's a great way to kick start a jam-packed day!



WHO: Jaime Gerik, CBS19 reporter, anchor

WHAT: Sam Cooke Radio on Pandora

WHY: Before the days of Miley Cyrus and "twerking," there was good music.

Most mornings, I blast Sam Cooke Radio on Pandora to embrace the day.

I've long believed I was born in the wrong era, and if you give it a try, you might find yourself singing and dancing to the likes of The Temptations and Otis Redding, too.



WHO: Courtney Friedman, KYTX CBS19 reporter

WHAT: My parents

WHY: My parents are my inspiration because they believe in me. They live all the way in San Diego and never miss a CBS 19 newscast.

Their support keeps me going every day.



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