Shout out to the wonderful lady with the "I Plan It" license plate, who dropped flowers off to us old folks at Azalea Trails Assisted Living facility recently. We didn't get your name, but we sure appreciate the gift. Not many take notice of us old fellers, but you did.

— Glynn Peel,




Shout out for the local Syria missile debate piece on the front page of Thursday's Tyler Morning Telegraph. This is journalism we thought long lost. Consumers are turning to alternative media simply because this type of journalism has become so rare. Journalism that presents both sides of an issue is journalism. Presenting stories with content from neighbors we can trust brings it home and keeps us here. For me, reading the facts presented by a local 19-year resident cardiologist with Christian relatives in Syria speaks louder than any syndicated worldwide media source ever could. I only hope other communities have similar respected locals to present international facts to a newspaper that's not afraid to print them. Well done Tyler paper! Keep it up! Hope to see you and hundreds of Syrian Christian supporters 10:30 a.m. Saturday at South Broadway and the Loop.

— Bob Brewer,




Gotta love a woman that knows how to birthday shop. I love pump-action shotguns, and Denise Koehl Miller picked me a nice one.

— Terry Miller,




Michael Kennedy, you're the best miracle grower I know!

— Irma Rodriguez,




I would like to give a big Shout out to Beverly Abell,

director of Downtown Tyler's Main Street Program! The program has developed events to bring attention back to the Square! I say YES to the improvements and the developments to come. Beverly directs the community's only 501©3 non-profit group called the Heart of Tyler, which is completely dedicated to the revitalization of downtown. She works with volunteers, artists, organizations, city of Tyler, business owners, property owners, design projects, community agencies and others on a daily basis and that's just her extra work.

She has to answer budgeting and planning — for Main Street Gallery, the art events there and staff who work to maintain it all. Thousands of hours of her time are dedicated to many projects. Through her hard work and direction, along with the help of many volunteers, they have contributed millions of reinvestment in downtown Tyler!

She has even sacrificed many personal appointments due to her dedication for these projects. I am so proud of Beverly Abell's efforts and work ethic. Our downtown has evolved over the years and is still growing.

It's refreshing to see our residents get involved in embracing our downtown once again. Beverly has been part of this for years and is invested in preserving downtown Tyler's history and heritage. The role she has played in downtown Tyler has been significant. Tyler has come so far in a short period of time.

It takes a whole community to keep a downtown going, and Beverly Abell directs a successful effort! I am glad to know and work with Beverly, and I say YES! to her accomplishments. If you see Beverly downtown, tell her, "Thank you for all you do!"

— Jimmy Arber,




Having a surprise in-bed donut delivery made by a most awesome man is a piece of my heaven: Ken Hawk.

— Denise Rowe Hawk, Tyler



Eleven years ago on Labor Day, Drew Tyler Bassett was born three weeks early in Houston. ... And here it is 11 years later, his birthday is falling on Labor Day! Happy birthday, Drew! I love you!!

— Shelly Bassett,




Thanks, Rachael Geels, for coming to visit me for my birthday! Had a blast!

— Shelby Rhyne,




I'm truly blessed to have so many amazing people in my life! Thank you for all the birthday wishes, time spent celebrating and laughing. Spectacular birthday!

— Jennifer Heathcock, Tyler



Thank you Lydia Sullivan, Mary Bonfanti and Julia Sullivan for an awesome birthday! I appreciate you so much!

— Beatriz Ibarra,




Best Labor Day weekend I've ever had. And I would tag Miss Em' and Leslie's dad, but they don't have a Facebook page — with Leslie Wilson Watson

— David McKinney,




"... and the Angels sang ...." — Alissa Kirkley Deason's chocolate chip cookies are known throughout multiple states.

— Doc Deason,




God knew what he was doing when he made me the mom of boys. Love these two so much, with Brian Merritt.

— Tanya Merritt,




Shout out to my brother for taking my kids camping in the back yard in 100-degree weather this weekend while I slept in the comfort of my own bed in A/C!

— Maegan Schneider, Whitehouse





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