I visited the East Texas State Fair last Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness of the restrooms. I saw an attendant as I went in, and as I was walking out, she asked me if everything looked good and smelled good. I told her yes and that I appreciated the job she had done. She proudly shared with me this was her first job.

She was a bathroom attendant and took pride in her job and the fact that she had a job!

Every time I think of that interaction, I just have to smile.

— Jennifer Smith Cook, Tyler


As chair of the Parent Services Center’s fall parenting symposium, “Yes! We Can Keep Our Kids Safe!” held Sept. 28, I’d like to express roses galore to all those individuals who made this symposium possible.

About 125 participants received information regarding how to go beyond the basics to keep our childcare, preschool, school and after school facilities safe when disaster strikes.

Roses to those speakers Michelle Smith, child development specialist and licensed childcare director, and Georgette Duke, nationally certified first responder, for outstanding presentations.

More roses to our event sponsor Mentoring Minds’ MindSHARE, whose support made this symposium possible.

Thanks to The University of Texas at Tyler, which provided the site for the symposium at the Robert R. Muntz Library. Thanks also to Cheryl Wallace and April Borromeo, UTT librarians, for scheduling LIB 401 and opening the facility the day of the symposium, Service Solutions for facilitating the physical arrangements, Chuck Brown, UTT AV tech, for providing the microphones and assisting with the needed technology for the day, Jason Scott, UTT education student, for technical support, and Tristan Arrington, UTT education student, for helping with registration.

Raves to the generosity of board members Melissa Williamson and Camille Brown, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Village Bakery, and Chez Bazan for providing the refreshments. Thanks to Tyler Counseling and Assessment Center and Genesis Pediatric Home Health, for providing information about their resources and services for parents.

Thanks, also, to board member Melissa Williamson for providing accommodations for our speaker.

Special thanks to the PSC Corporate Sponsors, Southside Bank and At Home Healthcare, who help make all of the PSC programs possible.

An extra bouquet of long stem roses to the PSC Staff: Shelley Judd, executive director, and Shirley McLeod for their support and collaboration in expediting PSC’s annual fall symposium.

And, of course, thank you to our attendees, who have a heart to make the world a better and safer place for our children.

— Suzanne Brians, Chair of

Parent Services Center

Symposium UTT Faculty and Board-Certified Counselor


Happiness is my husband and me being caregivers for my mother, who is 94 years old. She’s an inspiration to us every day. She wakes up in the morning and is always on "GO!" Dancing is her life. Mention the word, and she is ready. I was told "she is the life of the party" at her day club. She's a great artist, fun to be around and we feel very blessed.

— B. Biddle


Thank you Taylor Heard for all you do for the Tyler Convention and Visitors Bureau and The Firefighter Combat Challenge event. You are a wonderful person and delightful talent. We love you!

— Shari Rickman,



This date is always a very difficult day for me to handle. This is the third anniversary of the death of my father, James (Jim) Edward Noble, and the 17th anniversary of the death of my grandfather, Fair Baldridge Jr. I am very blessed to have the blood of these two amazing men run through my veins! I learned passion, patience and compassion from these two amazing men. Without them, I would not be me.

— Darwin Noble,



My husband, Maurice E. Peterson, comes home today! Feeling excited!

— Krista Pollard Peterson,



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