Claudann Jones

Love it or hate it, homework is a very important part of school. Here is some advice to help kids get back into the scholastic swing of things:

• Make sure there’s a quiet place that’s free of distractions to do homework.

• Don’t let kids watch TV when doing homework or studying. Set rules for when homework and studying need to be done, and when the TV can be turned on and should be turned off. The less TV, the better, especially on school nights.

• If your kids are involved in social media, be sure to limit the time spent on these activities during homework time.

• Keep text messaging to a minimum to avoid frequent interruptions.

• Never do their homework or projects yourself. Instead, make it clear that you’re always available to help or answer any questions, as needed.

• Review homework assignments nightly, not necessarily to check up, but to make sure they understand everything.

Encourage kids to:

• Develop good work habits from the beginning, such as taking notes, writing down assignments and turning in homework on time.

• Take their time with schoolwork.

• Ask the teacher if they don’t understand something.

To ensure your child gets the most out of school, maintain an open channel of communication with the teachers by emailing or talking with them throughout the school year to discuss your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

Most of all, whether it’s the first day of school or the last, make sure your kids know you’re there to listen to their feelings and concerns, and that you don’t expect perfection — only that they try their best.

For more information, contact Claudann Jones, Smith County Extension agent for family and community health, at 903-590-2980 or email at Like our Facebook page: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Smith County.

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