A colleague's car broke down on her way to work last week. When I checked in on her, she asked, "Would you pray that I will be able to afford to get it fixed?"

Instantly, I said yes and offered to pray right then. My prayer was that God would show her in a small, tangible way that He loved her. We know in our head that God loves us, but sometimes the reminders come in such vivid and unexpected ways that our hearts are humbled, and we are able to share the story to those who don't believe in His goodness.

After I prayed, she said, "You know, God does love me. I could've broken down on the highway. And the timing was good. I have so much planned the next two weeks — if this had happened then, it would have really thrown me into a tailspin."

She has a good attitude, doesn't she?

I have some reminders of God's love in my Bible. One is a note from Walter and his wife. They sent me a check for $92 once when I was unemployed, the house had flooded and my computer died. They weren't sure why they felt led to send that amount, but I looked up Psalm 9:2 and smiled.

"I will be glad and exult in Thee; I will sing praise to Thy name, O Most High." (NASB)

Also tucked away is a letter from Odyssey Networks telling me the gift card was enclosed to buy the new smart phone I had won at a conference… soon after I realized I was going to need a new cell phone. God was once again taking care of me.

Maybe your reminders are less materialistic: a child's return to health, a husband's embrace of faith, a new friendship, a beautiful sunset.

To get the biggest reminder of all that God loves us, all we have to do is see a symbol of the wooden cross that simultaneously held the biggest injustice and the biggest sacrifice in history. Jesus' death and resurrection are reminders we have so much more than we could ever earn or deserve.


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