Before I boarded the Magical Express, I was exhorted to "have a magical day" and step over to the red carpet. It might have been magical if I hadn't had to stand in line so long. Yes, I was in Orlando, headed to a conference at a Disney property.

Disney does hospitality well, but the experience wasn't seamless. The luggage was delivered late, and the food was average.

Words are so important. You'll agree, though, that just telling someone that a bus is magical and to have a magical day doesn't make it so.

But there's something about that mouse. On the way home, after standing in line about an hour, we got back on the Magical Express.

I noticed all the children were quiet and smiling. You may think they were just worn out after a few days at the Magic Kingdom.

But I have never seen so many kids so well-behaved who had such content looks on their faces. My girlfriend — a mother who's got the Disney experience down pat — asked each child we passed, "Did you get to see Mickey?" The kids' eyes glistened, and they nodded vigorously.

I don't get it. I didn't see Mickey until I was in my 20s. It was fun. But these kids looked rapturous.

Here's what I do get: one day I will board the real Magical Express — it will be a one-way trip to Heaven, and there will be someone a lot more special than a cartoon mouse who greets me.

The red carpet will be replaced with streets of gold. Average, mediocre and late will be replaced with glorious, perfect and eternal. Our eyes will glisten with happiness and joy. Talk about rapturous.

I'm just hoping we don't have to stand in line.


Lorri Allen is news director of KYTX CBS19.



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