A movie based on a Tyler woman's true story of love and faith will make its world premiere in Tyler on Monday.

"Sunrise in Heaven" will be shown at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Times Square Grand Slam. The movie is an adaptation of Jan Hurst's book "His Sunrise, My Sunset."

Corbin Bernsen and Dee Wallace play her parents and Travis Burns plays her husband, Steve. Hurst is depicted by two actresses, Caylee Cowan as young woman and Bonnie Burroughs as an older woman. 

In the book, Hurst tells how she fell in love with a man in the Air Force, and despite her strict military father's objection, they married. They had two daughters and 44 years of a happy marriage, and then were in a terrible car accident. Her husband was kept on life support for three days before dying.

"I couldn't think of anything but our lives together," Hurst said in an interview with KYTX-CBS19 about those final days with her husband. "And about four, four and a half years after his death, those thoughts kept playing in my head when I woke up in the morning every day. It was just coming back to me and I felt very compelled to write it down."

She shares in "His Sunrise, My Sunset," how her faith in God carried her through that difficult time. 

The book was made into a movie by Nasser Group Inc., a company that has produced several films that explore themes of faith.

In a statement released by Nasser Group, Jack Nasser, the film's producer, describes the movie as an "inspiring and uplifting film" with a “compelling story, outstanding performances and a message on the power of faith and perseverance.”

Hurst traveled to Los Angeles while the movie was being made and met the stars. 

"Everyone was so positive," she said. "Everyone was so excited about doing a faith-based movie." 

Some of those involved in the making of the movie, including Jenn Gotzon Chandler, who plays one of Hurst's daughters, are to attend the premiere, according to information from the filmmakers. 

"Sunrise in Heaven" will be available on DVD, digital platforms and on-demand content providers beginning April 9.

Hurst hopes the movie inspires others.

"I think the movie is probably appropriate to anyone who recognizes that we all have struggles. Even if we are people who have a strong belief, things go wrong," she said. "And, you know, we need to rely on each other and we need to rely on God." 

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