Bob Mauldin

Bob Mauldin, of Whitehouse, who hosts the syndicated television show “Expedition Texas,” is returning to his musical roots with “Summer Days.”

Bob Mauldin never meant to wait eight years between his first album, “Van Zandt County Line,” and his new release, “Summer Days.”

For the singer-songwriter who grew up in Canton and now lives in Whitehouse, life got busy — very busy.

He launched a syndicated television program, “Expedition Texas,” on which he travels across the state exploring interesting sites that often are overlooked.

And if that wasn’t enough, his family grew to include four boys and he began working as a multimedia specialist for the city of Tyler.

But the music remained a part of his life.

“I never really stopped writing songs,” Mauldin said.

He had plenty of music ready to record this year.

“I wanted to jump back into music and I had all these songs ready to go,” Mauldin said. “It really felt like the timing was right. ... Before I even recorded the album, I knew the songs told a nice little story and they were pieced together that way.”

Mauldin said the songs on “Summer Days” are pulled from his life experiences and tell stories that people can relate to.

In the first single, also called “Summer Days,” Mauldin nostalgically sings of an earlier time when his life was about young love and simple joys under the sun.

The song “Out of Time” was inspired by an uncle with a terminal illness who was facing his final days.

Mauldin has put a band together and is now spending his weekends on tour promoting the album.

He said he knows that the songs on “Summer Days” are more personal than many of the songs that are played on country music stations.

“This album is more of an art piece for me; not necessarily designed to be a hit factory,” he shared on his Facebook page. “It’s me speaking my musical language. It may be different, but it’s as real as you will ever get from me.”

“Summer Days” is available on digital platforms iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube and other places.

Information on his tour dates is available at

TWITTER: @Tylerpaper

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