Barrett Browning very easy-to-grow daffodil

Barrett Browning

I know you are getting tired of me talking about daffodils, but let me tell you about one more.

The beautiful member of the Narcissus family in the photo is named Barrett Browning. She is such a standout in the garden and so reliable, blooming every year with all she's got.

Barrett Browning is not a large-cup daffodil, but show off she does, with her lovely white petals and bright red-orange cup. You can see her blooming from a distance, and there's no mistake who she is. There are other daffodils with orange cups — some with larger cups — but this one is white, not yellow, with an orange cup, making it a piece of eye candy in the winter garden scene.

Barrett Browning is a very easy daffodil, growing and multiplying for years in my garden, needing nothing other than to be left alone. I have noticed in years with very dry autumn seasons, all daffodils need lots of water to get their roots growing to bring up the foliage (which feeds next year's flower), and Barrett Browning is no exception. You, too, may have noticed fewer blooms on most all narcissus species and realize that this is true. So, all you need to do is water if there is little or no rain in the fall to winter season. This year has been good, so the blooms are spectacular and there are multitudes of them to enjoy.


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