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UT Health East Texas began administering COVID-19 vaccines to staff and educators at Lindale ISD on Thursday, to those who choose to receive the shot.

Those who work in the education field are for the first time included among the priority groups to be vaccinated.

Lindale ISD said more than 200 of their employees have received both doses of their Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Eagle Pharmacy partnered with LISD in December, giving LISD staff a head start opportunity to receive the vaccine.

“We want to thank Eagle Pharmacy for providing this opportunity. They are the ones responsible for contacting the school and setting this up,” said Stan Surratt, LISD superintendent.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for our teachers and staff to get the vaccine early. Each employee who gets it is a true hero because they are protecting themselves, their families, their coworkers, the students, and really the whole community. We’re all in this together,” Surratt said.

Those interested in signing up to receive a COVID-19 vaccine from UT Health East Texas can do so by calling 903-747-4VAC or by signing up online at