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Active and new cases of COVID-19 in Gregg County decreased on Monday as the county registered the highest level of community spread of the virus in a seven-county region.

The Northeast Texas Public Health District reported 38 total — confirmed and probable — new cases of the virus in Gregg County since Thursday’s report as active cases dropped by more than 1,500. On Thursday, NET Health reported 57 new total cases and 3,966 total active cases in the county. On Monday, the district reported 2,455 active cases.

The reduction in cases continues a recent trend of fewer cases being reported; however, NET Health on Monday reported that Gregg is the only county in the seven it serves that maintains a community spread level of “moderate.”

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NET Health also provides disease surveillance for Smith, Anderson, Henderson, Rains, Van Zandt and Wood counties, all of which have seven-day rolling rates of new cases below 10. Seven-day rolling rates below 10 are consistent with minimal spread of the virus. Gregg County’s seven-day rolling rate on Monday was 11.06.

NET Health on Monday reported there were 94 patients being treated for COVID-19 in Tyler hospitals. The number reached a pandemic-high of 389 in September.

There were 192 COVID-19 patients on Sunday in the state’s 19-county Trauma Region G, which includes Longview and Tyler, according to data from the Department of State Health Services. The month began with 524 COVID-19 patients in the region’s hospitals.

In Smith County, NET Health on Monday reported 37 total new cases of the virus in residents.

Harrison County Judge Chad Sims reported fewer cases in his county in the past week; however, “fatalities are not declining as hoped.”

In a statement Monday afternoon on Facebook, Sims reported there were 136 total new cases in the county the past week compared to 170 the week prior. Average new cases per day went from 24 on Feb. 21 to 19 in the past week.

There were four deaths in the county in the past week due to COVID-19, Sims reported.

“Those with underlying conditions should be very cautious even with the decline in cases,” Sims said. “I have no details on any of the fatalities but, as the numbers indicate, this virus is still out there and can have terrible effects.”


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