Ultimate Wild releases new bow fishing lights


NACOGDOCHES – Mayhem, powered by Ultimate Wild, a leader in providing high-quality durable and rugged lighting products for the outdoor enthusiast, sets the standard in LED lighting specifically designed and engineered for bowfishing enthusiasts by bowfishing enthusiasts, with the introduction of the Mayhem 100 and Mayhem 50.

Designed to light up your bowfishing world, the Mayhem 100 produces 10,000 max Lumens with two powerful 50 watt LED chips. The Mayhem 50 features a singe 50 watt LED and produces 5,000 max lumens of light – perfect for side lights, smaller rigs, and accessory lighting. With high density multi-purpose mounting bracket and heavy duty powder coated aluminum alloy housings, both the Mayhem 100 and Mayhem 50 are built to handle whatever you and your rig can dish out.

The lights come standard in warm white color, but other color LED diodes are available upon request. Both models are available in 110-220 volt and 12-24 volt versions.

For more information about the Mayhem line of bowfishing lights or other Ultimate Wild products visit www.ultimatewild.com.

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