Pigs and balloons, an idea full of hot air


STEVE KNIGHT, steve@texasalloutdoors.com


It seems that the Texas Legislature has really been busy dodging a lot of issues, but taking care of some really important ones like approving wild pig hunting from hot air balloons.

Way to help one or two private individuals.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a cute idea that is going to have the impact of setting out one of the small pig traps, unless someone gets excited and shoots a hole in the balloon itself.

A few years ago the legislature approved a similar bill that allowed hunting pigs by individuals from a helicopter. It was already legal for some operating under permit, but in a state where a good idea can become a great one when money is involved aerial hunting was opened to the masses.

I admit I was opposed to the idea not because of safety reason or because it entire local wild pig populations could be wiped out. My objection was because it was being called hunting and hunting already has enough opposition who use various means and methods to attack it.

I much preferred it to be called what it is, an armed flying circus, or something like that.

Now comes hot air balloons, and to be honest I don’t care because to me it may be one of the dumbest ideas to come along in a while. Why? Well it is hard to catch up with a northbound sounder of pigs when the balloon is being pushed south by the prevailing wind.

Unlike helicopters that can twist and turn to follow whatever direction the pigs run a hot air balloon is sort of a single-minded contraption. The wind blows from the north it goes south. The wind blows from the south it goes north. And from my understanding, hovering is not actually an option without an anchor.

So while legislators can push through a bill testing a bait that might be just what is needed to eliminate a lot of the state’s wild pig problem or could be a hazard to other wildlife, domestic stock, pets and even humans, it can set up a couple of guys in business.

I guess we know where they will get the fuel from to blow up the balloons.


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