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In what can be called a seismic shift in professional bass fishermen, 80 of the top fishermen in the country are dropping their affiliation with B.A.S.S. and the FLW Tour to join the Bass Pro Tour.

Joe Buie

CAMP VERDE — I killed a buck the other day. It was a trophy kill, if you want to call it that. The 12-point, 140-inch class buck was definitely a trophy to me and destined for a special spot at the house.

Joe Buie

When it comes to conservation repayment, it is hard to beat the effort of duck hunters. Whether it is through their purchases of hunting licenses, the Federal Duck Stamp that was started by hunters in 1934 or membership and participation in waterfowl-centric organizations like Ducks Unlimite…

Joe Buie

Everything is relative and that includes the number of ducks expected to migrate south this winter. Despite a dip in waterfowl breeding numbers, last year’s count was still the seventh highest on record, coming just two years removed from the highest count ever.

In the old days, carnival sideshows would hang up banners of odd-looking people and creatures, and barkers would suggest what you are about to see has never been seen before. The goal was to get you to pay your money to come inside the tent. Seldom was the show what was advertised.

You better be careful when you ask for a sure-enough Texas drought to be broken. Much of the state, especially the central portion and a good part of East Texas, has gone from bone dry to record wet since the beginning of September.

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In 33 years with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Kevin Storey’s career was like most of the agency’s fisheries biologists. Often working with too small of a budget, he had to juggle the desires of fishermen with the biological needs of the fisheries and within the constraints of the…

CAMP VERDE — I went on my first deer hunt of the year last weekend. Working with Managed Lands Deer permits, I was looking for does on the Camp Verde Ranch.

James Niggemeyer had an up and down season as a professional bass fisherman last year. He did not qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series for the first time since 2007 and thus the Bassmaster Classic, but he did have a good enough year on the FLW Tour to make its championship Forrest Wood Cup.

CAMP VERDE — There is no doubt Kerr County and the rest of the Texas Hill Country needed the rain, but did the drought-breaking downpour have to start the moment I was about to stick my arm out the truck window for two hours on the first of three nights of spotlight deer counts.