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Texas was well represented in this year’s Bassmaster  Magazine’s 100 Best Bass Lakes rankings, starting with top-ranked Sam Rayburn Reservoir.Rayburn jumped to the top spot after three consecutive years in the top 5. According to the magazine, it has never ranked below 26th in the seven-year…

I have always enjoyed watching birds, especially those I can hunt, but I was never very good at identifying songbirds or much for birdhouses or feeders.

I recently watched a documentary about Japan’s Nagara River. The 100-mile-long river is probably best known to westerners as the river where fishermen use cormorants to catch fish below lanterns at night.

Call it an unintended consequence, but if the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission again approves the use of air guns and air bows for some game animals in the state, it will open a new avenue of hunting options to convicted felons wanting to hunt.