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I am no doctor, but like everyone else in America these days I do have an opinion and I am pretty certain spring turkey hunting is a great way to social distance.

The end of a hunting era is probably coming in May when the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission votes on whether to reduce the light goose daily bag limit from 20 to 10 birds during the regular season. The vote was originally scheduled for Thursday. Ironically, it may be an era that should h…

Brandon Ogden

David realized if he was going to take down Goliath it might be a good idea to carry along a large rock. When Major League Fishing went out to topple the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society it tried to carry as much of the quarry as possible.

Although Takahiro Omori first came to Lake Fork in 1992 and calls the lake home, when Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Tour General Tire Stage Three Presented by TrueTimber tournament comes to the lake March 13-18, he does not think he will have a home lake advantage.

It is turkey season in East Texas. Not hunting season, but release season in Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s ongoing attempt to return eastern wild turkeys to the region.

YANTIS — Excuse my grandfatherly moment, but I am a grandfather and I took my grandson, Connor, quail hunting the other day at Hidden Lakes Hunting Resort. We also let his father, Tristan, and uncle Thomas tag along.

When Dominic Lozano moved from California to East Texas 15 years ago, he brought the California big bass style of fishing with him. While most Texas fishermen are casting for numbers hoping that volume results in a big fish, Lozano will spend days, even months, trying to catch one really big…