I love football because anything can happen in any given game. You never know when someone like Odell Beckham Jr. will make a one-handed catch for the ages, or a backup quarterback will lead the Bills to the biggest comeback ever, or a referee will finally make the worst call anyone has ever seen in their life.

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is a chance for something amazing.

OK, not every Thursday. Those games are generally awful, but still, the NFL gives us plenty of opportunities to watch fantastic games with classic matchups.

The Sunday noon timeslot last week was not one of those opportunities.

If, like me, you watched that Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game, you have my deepest apologies.

It was very competitive, which shouldn’t distract from the fact that it was just awful.

This game featured no touchdown passes, three interceptions, two missed field goals, nine punts, two teams going 8 for 25 on third down, and more penalty yards than rushing yards.

There were times in that miserable preseason-esque game I wondered to myself, “What am I doing with my life?”

It was like both teams were trying to give the game away, and it was all going to come down to whoever wanted it least.

In the final minute, Jameis Winston dove for the winning touchdown and dropped the ball like it was buttered. Dallas recovered, but lost the turnover on a clumsy holding penalty. Tampa then scored, followed by a Dallas deep bomb to Dez Bryant that saw Dez complaining to the refs while the Buccaneers dog piled behind him after the clinching interception in the end zone.

This game wasn’t an offensive struggle, nor was it a defensive struggle. It was just a struggle.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys season has gone from bad to ridiculous to absurd. Even the most hardened Romo-haters have got to admit this team just doesn’t work without him. And the practice of never taking a young quarterback in the draft to groom for the future isn’t working out. The last time Dallas had a decent backup quarterback? It was Tony Romo.

Nothing is out of bounds in the NFC Nickelback Division, where every team struggles to be average. The Giants have a three game lead on Dallas, though, and even if everything were to come together and Dallas would get Romo back, Dez healthy, and Greg Hardy sane, it’s still too much to hope for. “Major League” was just a movie, guys. Teams can’t just flip a switch and will themselves to wins while they also cause their rivals to lose. This hole is too deep to dig out of.

On to the picks. I was 3-3 in week 10, which means I was as about accurate as flipping a coin. I underestimated Washington and the Giants, but luckily I was right on track picking Dallas and Philly to lose. In seven weeks, one of these teams will get a playoff spot, which is about as fair as giving an “American Idol” winner a Pulitzer.

I’m now 39-22-2 on the year, and I’ll have the Sunday picks later on in the week. For now, here goes for Thursday.

Tennessee (plus 3) at Jacksonville – How either team is a favorite in this game is an absolute mystery to me. This will be a battle of two bad teams with good young quarterbacks, who will both be clad in ridiculous uniforms. And worse still, either one could still make the playoffs. There are no winners here, not yet.

Pick: Titans

I’ll also take Okie State over Baylor, Ohio State over the Spartans, and the new movie about NFL concussions to be seen by literally dozens of people, since it opens against the new “Star Wars” movie.

- Reid Kerr talks a lot, as his wife always reminds him. Reid’s novel “The Great Texas Trailer Park Escape” is available from Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com. You can always tweet questions, comments, and angry messages to him at @reidaboutit.

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