Look, I’ve been one of Tony Romo’s harshest critics throughout the years and sometimes, like many of you, heave unfair verbal bombs from my couch on Sundays.

But do you mean to tell me that he’s about as valuable as a flippin’ fullback?

NFL.com seems to believe so, evidenced by the Website’s recent ranking of the NFL’s 100 best players. And right there at No. 91 on the list — a season after throwing for more than 4,000 yards — is good ole’ Tony Romo of your Dallas Cowboys.

And just behind him at No. 92 is fullback John Kuhn of you bandwaggoners’ Green Bay Packers, who isn’t even considered the best at his position.

No offense to all you former fullbacks out there, but no one in his right mind would put a third-down, short-yardage option on the same level as an every down, team leader. And I know, I know, fullbacks are highly valuable for their blocking — one of my favorite Cowboys of all time happens to be the Moose.

Outside the Romo blunder (how many times have you seen the words Romo and blunder in the same sentence, by the way?), the list is fairly legit and many players are ranked in their rightful places. Of course, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is atop the list and continues to make Cheeseheads forget Brett Favre ever wore their beloved green and gold.

And just behind him are Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, respectively. The Cowboys are represented by DeMarcus Ware at No. 6 and Jason Witten at No. 75, meaning Jason Garrett doesn’t have a roster loaded with All-Pro talent.

A coach who does is John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens, who have five players in the top 25 alone. So does that mean a Mayflower truck is going to show up at M&T Stadium if the Purple Pain comes up Super Bowless?

After all, Los Angeles Ravens does have a nice ring to it — this time, Indianapolis already has a team.

Other interesting findings on the list include Panthers second-year quarterback Cam Newton being ranked 30 spots higher than Michael Vick (40 and 70 respectively), Panthers receiver Steve Smith being ranked five spots ahead of the guy getting him the football (Newton), two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning outside the top 30 (31) and Jets backup Tim Tebow cracking the top 100 (95).

The best thing about the list, of course: we’re getting to talk a little football in July.

What are your thoughts?

Is Romo too low?

Who’s the NFL’s best player?

Send your responses on Twitter at @etfinalscore or via email to sports@tylerpaper.com.


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