Robert E. Lee High School’s Tori Sanchez is playing on the blue softball team for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes The Heart of a Champion All Star Games. (Sarah A. Miller/Tyler Morning Telegraph)

Tyler Lee showed improvement on the softball field in 2019 under second-year head coach Justin Kniffen.

The Lady Raiders won their first district game against a league opponent other than John Tyler for the first time in five years when they defeated Mesquite 6-5 in eight innings on March 12.

The Lady Raiders were rewarded for their efforts with four players making the All-District 11-6A team as honorable mention selections.

Samira Matlock, Brooke Davis, Hayden Seamands and Tori Sanchez all made the team. Matlock, Davis and Seamands were all freshmen, while Sanchez was a senior who participated in the FCA Heart of a Champion All-Star Game.

The Lady Raiders also had six Academic All-District selections — Kendra Britton, Aiyanna Martinez, Angel Valladares, Brooke Davis, Hayden Seamands and Samira Matlock.

Longview captured two superlatives. Junior Cameron Kennedy was the Pitcher of the Year, and junior Jordan McClain was chosen as the Defensive Player of the Year.

Rockwall-Heath junior Tristin Court was selected as the Most Valuable Player.

Rockwall had the Offensive Player of the Year (Reagan Swindall) and Catcher of the Year (Samantha Bean). Rockwall’s Shadie Acosta was also the Coach of the Year.

Mesquite Horn freshman Kailee Isaac-Bautista was picked as the Newcomer of the Year.

First-team selections were Longview’s Kerris Cameron and Zekyia Robinson; Rockwall’s Lexi Coward, Megan Hampton, Liz Monks and Carter Smith; North Mesquite’s Haleigh Mitchell and Lexie Foreman; Rockwall-Heath’s Abigail Renteria, Sophia Bailey and Emi Young; Mesquite’s Caitlin Giles and Madi Hayes; and Mesquite Horn’s Alyssa Spoerl and Tabitha Borden.

The team was voted on by the district’s coaches.


All-District 11-6A Softball

MVP — Tristin Court, Rockwall-Heath, junior

Pitcher of the Year — Cameron Kennedy, Longview, junior

Offensive Player of the Year — Reagan Swindall, Rockwall, senior

Catcher of the Year — Samantha Bean, Rockwall, senior

Defensive Player of the Year — Jordan McClain, Longview, junior

Newcomer of the Year — Kailee Isaac-Bautsita, Mesquite Horn, freshman

Coach of the Year — Shadie Acosta, Rockwall

First Team

Pitcher — Lexi Coward, Rockwall, junior; Alyssa Spoerl, Mesquite Horn, senior

Catcher — Kerris Cameron, Longview, junior

Infield — Haleigh Mitchell, North Mesquite, junior; Abigail Renteria, Rockwall-heath, senior; Caitlin Giles, Mesquite, senior; Zekyia Robinson, Longview, junior; Megan Hampton, Rockwall, sophomore; Liz Monks, Rockwall, senior

Outfield — Lexie Foreman, North Mesquite, senior; Tabitha Borden, Mesquite Horn, senior; Sophia Bailey, Rockwall-Heath, sophomore; Emi Young, Rockwall-Heath, senior; Carter Smith, Rockwall, sophomore

Utility — Madi Hayes, Mesquite, junior

Second Team

Pitcher — Shelby Curtis, Rockwall-Heath, junior; Paige Harris, Rockwall, junior; Azlyn Hornsby, North Mesquite, freshman

Catcher — Carressa Smith, North Mesquite, senior

Infield — Leah Dever, Mesquite Horn, senior; Avery Cotton, Longview, junior; Kiana Beasley, Mesquite, freshman; Ashley Monks, Rockwall, sophomore

Outfield — Desteney Ponciano, North Mesquite, senior; Alexius Allen, Longview, senior; Diamond Oliver, Mesquite, junior; Macie Calcom, Mesquite Horn, senior

Utility — Taylor Thompson, Mesquite Horn, junior; Ashley Minor, Rockwall, freshman

Honorable Mention

Tyler Lee — Samira Matlock, Brooke Davis, Hayden Seamands, Tori Sanchez

Rockwall-Heath — Lily Wilson, Danielle Gillean, Meghan McDonald, Abby Lowery

Mesquite — Jazelle Hernandez, Hunter Gilmore

North Mesquite— Karsen Lampkin, Avery Valdez, Kaitlyn Brown

Mesquite Horn — Meagan Youngman, Jadyn Julka, Taylor Johnson

Rockwall — Ella Laurence, Madison Barnes, Erica Speer, Sarah Collins, Abbey Cassady

Academic All-District

Tyler Lee — Kendra Britton, Aiyanna Martinez, Angel Valladares, Brooke Davis, Hayden Seamands, Samira Matlock

Rockwall-Heath — Emily Baker, Tristin Court, Delaney Drain, Danielle Gillean, Abigail Renteria, Lily Wilson, Emi Young

Mesquite — Kiana Beasley, Caitlin Giles, Madison Hays, Jazelle Hernandez

North Mesqute — Karsen Lampkin, Avery Valdez

Mesquite Horn — Tabitha Borden, Kailee Isaac-Bautista, Taylor Johnson, Macie Malcom, Elizabeth Mendoza, Alyssa Spoerl, Lauren Stokes, Meagan Youngman

Rockwall — Sam Bean, Sarah Collins, Liz Monks, Erica Speer, Reagan Swindall, Madison Barnes, Ashley Minor, Elizabeth Schaefer

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