A number of East Texans, including 83-year-old Tylerite Harold Wilson, tackled the 120th Boston Marathon on Monday, participating in one of the world’s top sporting events.

For Wilson, it was the 11th time he has taken part. He finished fourth in his age division (80-85) after winning the last two years. Two years ago, Wilson said the 2014 race would be his last there but he continues to enjoy the event.

He was won seven Boston Marathon trophies. This year, he ran to a time of 4 hours and 51.41 minutes as he competed with some 32,000 runners.

The top time from East Texas was from Tyler’s Karen Lockyer with a clocking of 2:53:27. The 38-year-old native of New Zealand finished 30th in her age division.

The top male time from East Texas was Frank Webb of Tyler as the 46-year-old had a clocking of 3:14.38. That placed him 386 in his age division.

John Camp, 54, of Tyler had a great time of 3:29.53 that placed him 624 in his division.

Other Tylerites, along with their age were: Cathy Fieseler, 57 (5:33:05); Wes Volberding, 54 (3:43:40); Meredith Webb, 45 (4:02.15) and Karen Zasik, 48 (5:50.22).

Also, former Tylerite JT Peebles, 35, now of Travis Air Force Base, California, ran to a time of 3:04:39.

Other runners from East Texas were:

Jacksonville - Wes Penn (5:05:33);

Lone Oak - Shannon Nichol (4:01:56);

Longview - Gene Kelly (4:45:30); Maria Mendez (4:47:11) and Landi Wheeler (4:04:34);

Nacogdoches - Amy Ashley (3:44:12); Wendy Colgan (3:45:50); and Willie James (3:33:41).

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