Whitehouse girls grab team title and individual medalist honors; Lindale wins boys

BULLARD — Cameron Brown followed up a brilliant 67 on Monday at Pine Dunes with an impressive 70 on Wednesday at Eagles Bluff as the Jacksonville Indian finished first at the District 16-4A boys golf tournament.

Brown earns a spot in the regional tournament later this month. In second place was Lindale's D.J. Godoy, who shot 67-75—142 to finish five shots back. Cameron Coulter (76-78—154) of Lindale was third.

The Eagles captured the team title with a two-day total of 621. Jacksonville, due in large part to Brown's performance, was second with a two-day total of 645.

Rules prevent regional team qualifiers from grabbing regional spots as medalists, so it opened things up for Brody Phillips of Corsicana and Clay Hayes of Nacogdoches. Phillips was fourth overall, but the first finisher not on either Lindale or Jacksonville, so he grabbed the first regional medalist position. Hayes was sixth, but that was good enough for second medalist regional qualifier.

In the girls competition, Whitehouse swept with Kyndall Morgan finishing first overall and the Lady Cats running away with the team title. Lindale was second and both squads earned regional bids.

Morgan shot 86-91—177 to win by 15 strokes over second-place Kennedy Wheeler of Lindale (94-98—192).

With Whitehouse and Lindale golfers ineligible for regional medalist spots, Makenzie Gilley of Whitehouse B, who tied for third overall, and Mady Hodge of Corsicana, who was sixth, took advantage to book their places into the regional tournament.

The Class 4A Region II Tournament will take place April 14-17 in Dallas-Fort Worth. The boys event is scheduled for April 14-15 at The Links at Waterchase in Fort Worth. The girls event is scheduled for April 16-17 Tierra Verde Golf Club in Arlington


District 16-4A Golf Tournament

Monday at Pine Dunes

Wednesday at Eagles Bluff

*– Regional qualifier


Individual (Top 5 and Regional Qualifiers) — 1, Kyndall Morgan, Whitehouse, 86-91—177; 2, Kennedy Wheeler, 94-98—192; T3, Allyson Carter, 99-98—197; Macy Calicutt, 96-101—197; *Makenzie Gilley, Whitehouse B, 99-98—197; *6, Mady Hodge, Corsicana, 116-115—231

Team Results

*Whitehouse (383-399—782) Kyndall Morgan, 86-91—177; Bailey West, 102-109—211; Allyson Carter, 99-98—197; Macy Calicutt, 96-101—197; Makenzie Holt, 104-122—226

*Lindale (436-445—881) Kennedy Wheeler, 94-98—192; Dallas Hay, 107-110—217; Hunter Smith 125-126—251; Gracie Hall, 121-136—257; Bethany Simmons, 112-111—223

Corsicana (503-512-1015) Mady Hodge, 116-115—231; Kristen Moody, 134-134—268; Alley Watson, 114-131—245; Mariana Haddenham, 139-132—271

Whitehouse B (514-503—1017) Makenzie Gilley, 99-98—197; Rachel Fulgham, 129-121—250; Kinsey Whitman, 146-149—295; Kacie Anderson, 140-135—275

John Tyler (545-505—1050) Morgan Ellis, 131-120—251; Maria Ramirez, 132-125—257; Curtasia Williams, 138-126—264; Michelle Santibanet, 144-134—278

Medalists — Jill Terry, Lindale, 114-121—235



Individual (Top 5 and Regional Qualifiers) — 1, Cameron Brown, Jacksonville, 67-70—137; 2, DJ Godoy, Lindale, 67-75—142; 3, Cameron Coulter, Lindale, 76-78—154; *4, Brody Phillips, Corsicana, 79-76—155; 5, Garrett White, Lindale, 80-80—160; *6, Clay Hayes, Nacogdoches, 79-83—162

Team Results

*Lindale (306-315—621) DJ Godoy, 67-75—142; Garrett White, 80-80—160; Mason Terry, 83-82—165; Cameron Coulter, 76-78—154; Ethan Puckett, 90-83—173

*Jacksonville (312-333—645) Cameron Brown, 67-70—137; Trent Sansom, 83-89—172; Cash Cleaver, 76-97—173; Anthony Mobley, 86-84—170; Josh Ambroson, 106-90—196

Nacogdoches (335-339—674) Clay Hayes, 79-83—162; Ben Smith, 80-83—163; Matthew Neese, 99-86—185; Tim Myers, 85-87—172; Holt Davis, 91-98—189

Corsicana (336-336—672) Brady Watson, 81-89—170; Brody Phillips, 79-76—155; Matt Shelton, 84-85—169; Luke Jordan, 92-86—178; Sam Hooser, 94-95—189

Whitehouse (345-353—698) Drake Briscoe, 82-94—176; Parker Baskin, 87-84—171; Alex Monroe, 81-82—163; Austin Gonzales, 99-102—201; Carson Hiltpold, 95-93—188

Lindale B (400-379—779) Mason Waldron, 96-89—185; Jacob Capo, 85-86—171; Dylan Sims, 90-99—189; Shane McClain, 129-105—234

John Tyler (459-458—917) Chris Cornelius, 101-111—212; Joshua Taylor, 119-108—227; Fred Welge, 122-125—247; Bonifacio Nunez, 117-120—237; Salvador Carmona, 124-119—243

Medalists — Corsicana; Tyler Swanson, 97-94—191; Miller Cook, 99-94—193; John Tyler: Juan Hernandez, 118-137—255


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