A new Tyler youth organization has been gifted sports equipment from Baltimore Raven linebacker and Tyler native Tyus Bowser.

East Texas Cowboys and Cheer is a new organization within the TexaSports League whose primary objective is to provide the youth of the community with a healthy and enjoyable environment in which to learn football and cheer fundamentals, sportsmanship, self-pride, discipline, and team spirit, according to East Texas Cowboys vice president Jessie Taylor.

Taylor said the flag equipment, which was donated by Bowser, was instrumental in allowing the athletes to focus on their goal.

“Tyus and myself are from the same Alma Mater, John Tyler High School, and when the opportunity for them to help a fellow Cujo presented itself, they jumped right on it and donated equipment for our flag team which are the athletes ages five and six” he said. “When starting a youth organization you go in with the mindset of wanting the kids to have everything.”

“So to carry out that vision of having everything, you need the support of the community. This donation helps in so many ways. There are so many items that are needed in order to prepare all the athletes for competition. It is amazing to see their faces light up when they run through the tunnel, or see their faces on posters that decorate the fence,” Taylor said. “The donation of flag equipment just gives them another opportunity to concentrate on the goal which is to learn all they can and not worry about not having helmets, jerseys, or flags. So we thank everyone that has donated and will donate.”

The organization currently has 115 football athletes ages 5 to twelve and 70 cheerleader athletes ages 4 to twelve.

Taylor said athletes will be exposed to competition throughout the state of Texas and into Louisiana.

“We are providing the youth with new opportunities that span beyond the city walls of Tyler. They will get the opportunity to compete with youth organizations from the entire state of Texas and spilling over to Louisiana,” Taylor said. “We will provide the outlet to expose the athletes to a different environment in which they can thrive. They will not know that there is greater if they are not exposed to it.”

Taylor said everyone involved with the organization is excited to bring it to the community.

“Everyone in place has been in youth sports league for many of years, in different capacities. So with exceptional volunteers from the board, to the team moms, to the nurses, to the coaches, we can get our kids the knowledge and opportunities that they deserve,” he said.

“We want the community to know that our new organization is rooted in the 3 F’s: Family, Fun, and Football. We laugh and get the job done at the same time. This organization is run by dedicated volunteers who go above and beyond in advancing the placement of our youth,” Taylor added.

The East Texas Cowboy season will start in September.

For more information visit the East Texas Cowboys Facebook page.


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