Bach in tune with triathlons

COURTESY Longview athlete Elliot Bach has qualified for the 2013 International Triathlon Union Age Group World Championships in London.

The sounds of Bach still ring splendidly in the embryonic stages of the 21st century.

The electrifying emotions of hair-raising performances completed within the rip-roaring stir of the masses continue to leave crowds breathless, yet, gasping for an encore.

No, this is not the quarter note, time signature world of Sebastian. Herein lies the swim, sweat, swallow your swag universe of Elliot. To the uninformed sports page lector, he’s the other Bach.

Having five years on the triathlon trail, 18-year-old Longview native, Elliot Bach, has birthed himself into a veteran of the three-vice man-maker.

After finishing third overall in his catergory at the Age Group Nationals in Burlington, Vt., this month with a time of one hour and one minute, the Longview Area Multisport Association (LAMA) assailant has qualified for the 2013 International Triathlon Union Age Group World Championships in London.

“Dave Townsend said I should try the triathlon, So, my sister Lydia and I signed up,” Bach said, explaining how he got started in the sport. “A few months later, my sister, Natalie joined in.”

Amassing seven to 10 hours weekly on the bike has allowed Bach to become polished in the second phase of the gut-check grind, though, he readily acknowledges there are deficiencies that necessitate more attention.

“I’m still trying to figure out the swim,” he said. “I’m also concentrating on the base for my run.”

It remains to be seen if it is first base, second base or third base needed to generate a run, but Bach surely has the right manager in Eric Deller calling plays from the dugout, and Deller has enjoyed working with Bach.

“He’s humble. He listens well. He really works hard and doesn’t let success go to his head,” Deller said.

Like any flourishing athlete, it’s of prime significance to have a strong support system. Wooley G’s Bike and Fitness Arena and Nate’s Restoration Systems have become sponsors of the young East Texan.

“Man. This guy is the real deal,” Carl Owens of Wooley G’s said. “He’s only 18 years old and he’s going to London to compete in championships.”

While the conversion of child into champ can, sometimes, be a topsy-turvy course to steer, the guidance of those who loved Bach from birth prove to be a calm within the storms of sports’ winds.

Nathan and Lisa Bach, Elliot’s parents, are well-acquainted with the inner core of East Texas’ newest sports buzz.

“He’s just a well-disciplined young man with good character,” said Nathan Bach. “He has worked very hard and has made his mom and I proud. We’re proud of all of our kids.”

While parents love kids completely differently from a wavering sports public demanding wins or else, it should be noted that Lydia, Elliot’s sister, competes on a Dallas-area triathlon team, while Natalie trains with Elliot and has competed in Ironman triathlons. If someone wanders into the deep end, it’s possible to drown in that gene pool.

Bach has aspirations of World Championships and Olympic grandeur in 2016. While such dreams are far-fetched for sports commoners, his “Survivor” mentality disjoints him from the run-of-the-mill.

“I like Survivor,” Bach said of the TV show. “They drop you off on an island and you have to find your own food. You have to outlast the competition. When they say ‘go’ I have to find a way to outlast the competition. The podium is like my island. I’m trying to be the last one on it.”

Whether he’s the last one on it or never attains such resplendency remains as a mystery yet to unfold. However, to hear of the melodic display of Bach’s well-tuned athletic renditions definitely lives as sweet music to the ears.

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