A full parking lot of people in cars was enough to move nurses, doctors, health care workers and other employees to tears at the Christus Trinity Mother Frances Louis and Peaches Owen Heart Hospital on Tuesday night.

Dr. John Radford, a member of Bethel Bible Church, worked with First Baptist Church to put together the silent support. The Tyler Paper went live on Facebook from a gathering on Sunday night at UT Health East Texas and members of many churches wanted to join in and support Christus. That happened on Tuesday.

“I think it was a really good event, people showed up, had the flashers on to let the staff and patients know they were praying,” said Radford. “Several nurses came out, people stayed in their cars, it was a great opportunity for the staff and for several churches to come together and pray, I thought it went very well.

“Its a stressful time for them and everyone trying to navigate this pandemic which is like nothing we’ve seen before,” Radford continued. “They are putting themselves around people who have COVID and we want them to know the community is around them and praying for them.”

A member of the Christus Clinical Pastoral Education team was in tears as bears from the Hunger 4 Love program that had been in sealed bags were safely retrieved from a car for a couple nurses to hand out to employees during the shift change. Sarah Bulloch and her daughter, Clara, a student at All Saints Episcopal School in Tyler, had them on the roof of the car to grab.

Each bear had a note and went to the employees and they held them with signs telling the church members “thank you” for the support.

This is beautiful and amazing ... said a pastoral education team member. “I’ve seen what they are going through in ICU ... this was needed.”

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