Letters to the Editor 11.05.17


For many years my wife and I have have had the pleasure of traveling across this great country giving programs and bragging about Texas, Tyler and Smith County.

Whether we are driving or flying we have the same reaction each time we return and that is “what a wonderful place in which we live."

The first thing we notice is the beautiful roses in the road medians and they extend for miles on each major highway entering the city.

These positive things do not happen automatically. It takes leadership from the city manager, City Council and the hardworking personnel that plant and maintain these beautiful flowers.

A sincere thank you to everyone involved in making Tyler truly ”the rose city."

J.B. Smith, Tyler


Mr. Trump said that he would "drain the swamp." This is why I think that he can't. There are two kinds of creatures in "the swamp": Snakes (D) and Crawfish (R) and the crawfish can't crawfish fast enough to keep from being eaten by the snakes. However, with some of the latest developments in the investigation into what the snakes claim was collusion with the Russians, maybe we, the people not in "the swamp" have had just about enough that we will "drain the swamp" ourselves.

Johnny Smith, Tyler


I have only lived in this area for about one year. I agree with the gentleman that toll road 49 is dangerous!

It is convenient but that does not mean it isn’t dangerous. A barricade between the lanes should be installed as soon as possible.

I avoid the road when possible. I have heard the locals call it death toll 49!

 Hugh Poindexter, Bullard


If you and I will not take the time to protect our own home values, who will? The vast majority of politicians listen to and understand views that will get them elected and reelected.

Several hundred Tyler residents have been fighting City Hall and developers since February to protect their home values and current neighborhood environment. Small adjustments have been made by developers but mostly in technical name only. High density housing, traffic, defacing the $4.5 million Legacy Trail and future destruction of south Tyler’s prime neighborhood environment has not been solved and is simply unacceptable!

The next City Council meeting on this matter is Wednesday, June 26, 9 a.m., City Hall, 212 N. Bonner. The future of our prime south Tyler neighborhoods and home values are at stake. Important, be there!

Harry Bergman, Tyler

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