The entire Congress (both parties) should be impeached or voted out for not upholding their oaths of office to protect our Constitution. They let presidents legislate and change laws by "executive orders" because Congress doesn't even read the laws or understand what they are before passing them.

Like Obamacare which is falsely labeled "Affordable Care Act." The entire system of checks and balance has broken down including the executive, legislative and judicial branches. They are all pursuing their own agendas rather than established law and precedence. The Justice Department has become little more than a political arm of the party in power, using the IRS, FBI, EPA and others to do its dirty work that the majority of citizens won't support.

Even the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts twist laws and common sense to even call Obamacare legal. Government forcing citizens to buy something they don't want or need and priced at outlandish cost and waste is tyranny. Where is the citizen outrage?

Harry Bergman




National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre could have been correct when he said "a bad guy with a gun can only be stopped by a good guy with a gun" — if only good guys could purchase guns. Anyone can legally purchase guns and ammunition without any background check, in some situations. The bad guys are collecting guns and ammunition in large quantities. Hardly a week goes by without a shooting and killing by a bad guy.

Many of the bad guys expect the "stand your ground" laws to protect them.

They feel it is their right to shoot and kill an unarmed teenage kid for playing music too loud, the color of his skin, and many other reasons, causing much sorrow and heartache.

Killings by psychopathic owners of lethal firearms happen far too often. Our children are being slaughtered. It is time for drastic measures to be taken.

I am opposed to the death penalty, but I have no sympathy for these heartless killers. We need an army of good guys with guns, carefully selected with intense psychiatric evaluation, and highly trained to recognize when a gun is drawn in anger, and to take the bad guy out before he can kill.

Joe Forgy




President Obama is upset with Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning Russia occupying Ukraine. He claims he will retaliate or do something about this if Putin does so.

Why should we, the U.S., be concerned? Wouldn't this be out of bounds for us? Wouldn't this be like Obama wanting to occupy or invade the state of Texas and President Putin being concerned and threaten to retaliate if Obama invades Texas?

I understand President Obama threatened not to visit Russia if he invades. I am sure that would make Putin invade the Ukraine.

Jerry Gardner




The world comes full circle. The headline reads, "Unions lied to by the government," as the unions discover they won't be exempted from 0bamacare as promised. Don't you just love poetic Justice?

We need our elected members of Congress to show their bravery and draw a line in the sand. If they need to see an example of this, they can look no farther than the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo that was remembered on Wednesday of this week (March 6, 1836).

That was back when brave men meant what they said and stood by their word.

The movies about the Alamo should be mandatory watching for both houses of Congress. They don't read bills they pass, but maybe they could muster the intestinal fortitude to watch a movie. There will be a test. The test will be called an "election."

Charlie Goff






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