The president has requested $3.7 billion to take care of the border situation.

There does not seem to be any specificity to how this money will be spent or how it will actually do any good in “taking care” of the chaos.

Here is how the money should be spent: Charter, rent, and borrow every available ship capable of carrying these illegal immigrants, and form a flotilla to Central America.

In addition, use every bus that can be found to transport same.

This should be a non-stop tactic until the flow from the south is somewhat abated. While this is happening, close the border with real intent using every available means at our disposal, not just rhetoric.

Jim Turvan



Our society has determined that a fetus is to be considered a person. Our society has determined that a corporation is to be considered a person. However, an actual person is given no rights as he or she attempts to escape certain death in their home country — and this person is a child. Is this really the kind of society we want to live in?

Exodus 22:21 tells us very specifically: “Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him.” And we are also told to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Try placing yourself in the position of a fearful child who garners all the courage possible to leave parents and friends and walk miles and miles and miles through a strange land, cross rivers, dodge authorities in the hope of finding safety. Then when this child arrives in the “promised land” he or she is yelled at, mistreated, and sent back home to an almost certain death.

Folks, is this really the American society, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, that we dreamed of when we formed this nation?

Lou Anne Smoot



Our open border clearly has large risks including illegal immigrants and “coyotes” bringing in drugs, disease, more illegal immigrants, even children who expect asylum and the good life of American citizenship and unlimited welfare, free education and free healthcare.

If thousands of pregnant mothers can carry in a toddler and lead two other children across our border, then please tell me why a terrorist can’t carry in a shoulder-fired missile into our country?

That is the risk. Now what is the reward?

Harry Bergman



Imagine yourself coming home from a hot, dusty day at the office. Only, in this case the “office” is a long dangerous road in Afghanistan full of deadly IEDs and where every mountaintop is a potential sniper’s nest.

“Home” is your tent at a forward outpost where daily you lay your life on the line for your country.

No wife, no kids, no hugs from a child on this day. What a huge debt we owe our military personnel.

Now, imagine mail-call in your little outpost, one of the most treasured times for any military person on deployment. Only this mail-call is different. There is an official looking envelope from Army command. The envelope contains a “pink-slip;” you are being laid off. It is nicely stated with official wording, but the point is clear; the Army is downsizing and does not need you any longer.

So, here you are in the middle of a war-zone, trying to stay alive so you can come home outside of a body-bag and our military leaders see fit to send you a pink-slip.

From press reports this week, I learned that this scenario is happening thousands of times right now. No matter how you try to justify it, this practice is just plain wrong in my book and needs to be discontinued now.

Ron Ragan



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