Regarding the upcoming primary election between Judge Carole Clark and John Jarvis for the seat in the 321st District Court, I believe Judge Carole Clark has a beautiful heart for children. She is the reason that my children are my children.

A little over a year ago, my husband, Paul, and I wanted to adopt two older boys who had really been through the ringer. Abuse, neglect, abandonment; they had seen it all. On paper, it seemed like a terrible idea to place them with us, as we had no other children, and no special skills that made us an obvious choice to help them work through their past. The only thing we had in our favor was a love for Jesus that made us determined to love these hurting boys, no matter how much they fought against our love.

Common sense said these two boys were beyond hope. They were lost causes. There had been too much hurt and loss over too long of a period of time. Judge Clark saw beyond all of that. She saw that no matter how they behaved, they were still valuable children who deserved a shot at a family. She took a chance on my husband and me, and she gave my kids one more chance to have a happy ending.

This is what she does every single day. She has to decide the future of families. She has the responsibility of breaking destructive family cycles of violence and abuse, and needs creative solutions for children that are so damaged that no one wants to deal with them. Judge Clark is successful at what she does because she thinks outside of the box. She recognizes that a "one size fits all" approach is not an effective way to deal with the complexities and nuances of real people who need real solutions. For that, my family is eternally grateful.

She forever changed our family history.

Stephanie Scott




Judge Clark is like an aunt to me. She has bent over backwards for me and provided me with everything I needed. When I was 16 years old I was put into foster care because my dad was charged with rape. My dad raped me ever since I was five years old. I told on my dad I had no family and still have no family.

When I heard about being emancipated from CPS I thought that it was a good idea, so my lawyer and I set up a date to visit Judge Clark. When I met Judge Clark she was so sweet and as we began to talk we became very close. Fortunately she talked me out of emancipation and I stayed in CPS for the college benefits and everything else since I did not have parents to take care of me. Today I am making very good grades right now and have done some college classes at TJC, but how did I make it this far you ask? Well it is all because of Judge Clark.

Everyone today is saying she spends way too much money on us kids in CPS but look when we need a lawyer, we need CPS workers and we need CASA, that way we have someone to talk to, someone we can tell our story to and they do something about it, someone who actually cares and Judge Clark knows they will care for us, we just need people there to listen to us because in honesty we really have no one but what she provides us with. She provided me with a therapist to help me with the pain I suffer with and to try to move on with my life. I will never forget her. I wish everyone knew just how great of a woman she is.

Angela Bass




In a debate between the candidates running for Family Law Court (321st District Court), Judge Carole Clark and Jack Jarvis, Mr. Jarvis is reported to have implied that he is better qualified because Judge Clark has no children.

I think that it is silly that Mr. Jarvis would imply that. In addition, that said, it is also silly that Carole Clark's friends would try to defend her on that point.

I feel that the most important issue, and the reason that we should replace Carole Clark, is her fiscal irresponsibility. This newspaper and the local television media have reported on the financial mismanagement and cost overruns incurred by her court.

Let us elect a new judge, one that is more financially responsible to the court and to the citizens of Tyler and Smith County.

Paul Krahmer







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