Skip Ogle, a local businessman and homebuilder, has my support for Texas House, District 6 because he is committed to ensuring Texas remains an attractive place to do business.

Fortunately, the real estate market here in Tyler has remained stronger than much of the rest of the country. And we would like to keep it that way! As a real estate professional, I am committed to folks, like Skip Ogle, who understand the importance of protecting private property rights, preserving the dream of homeownership and supporting the vitality of the real estate industry.

While endorsing Skip Ogle, the Texas Association of Realtors chairman, Dan Hatfied, pointed out that the incumbent, Matt Schaefer, does not share our views on ensuring a prosperous Texas of tomorrow, as evidenced by his votes against measures to address our long-term water and transportation needs.

Let's send Skip Ogle to Austin where he will always put Smith County first.

Jason Gregory




I read with great interest this morning the headline story in your paper, "Ogle, Schaefer release finance reports."

After quickly analyzing the donations listed in your article, it is obvious that the vast majority of state Rep. Matt Schaefer's support comes from outside District 6.

A meager 6 percent of Ogle's support comes from outside the district, while almost 70 percent of Schaefer's support comes from "special interests" outside District 6, and most of that comes from "Empower Texas." I understand that this PAC is essentially controlled by a very wealthy Midland man named Tim Dunn.

There is nothing, of course, illegal about outside interests donating to our local House representative, but in the interest of all who live in the district it is appropriate for the district's constituents to know who is supporting each candidate.

More importantly, however is, why is so much money coming outside the district.

I understand that Mr. Dunn's contributions to "Empower Texas" well exceed 90 percent of the total money given to the PAC.

I encourage each voter in our district to consider carefully who is supporting each candidate in the Republican Primary before they cast their vote on March 4. I'm supporting Skip unabashedly. Most of his money comes from constituents in the district which he will represent.

David E. Pierson




I join with the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA), the state's largest law enforcement association in endorsing Skip Ogle in his race for Texas House of Representatives.

Skip Ogle embodies the characteristics of a public servant and proven leader. He is fair, honest and faithful to God and his family. Skip is not afraid to advocate for his beliefs and refuses to conform to popular politics. He is not a politician, but a man who views public office as a privilege and cares deeply for the community he has lived in for over a decade.

Skip Ogle has pledged to support law enforcement officers and make sure they have the resources to do their jobs and take criminals off the street.

As your former Smith County sheriff, you can trust that I don't put my name behind someone without doing my research. Having known Skip Ogle for many years, it is without hesitation that I ask you to vote for him for State Representative, District 6. We need Skip Ogle's tough-on-crime attitude, dedication and staunch defense of the Constitution working for us in Austin.

J.B. Smith

Former Smith County





I agree with the readers: Judge Carole Clark, running for re-election to Family Court, showed class by not responding to her challenger, John Jarvis, after he remarked in a recent debate that his having a child made him better qualified for the court. I am glad we have someone like Judge Clark in our Family Court because of her experience and people skills.

Suzanne Mitchell







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