The term “lobbyist” has appeared frequently in this column and other places in the paper many times with a negative connotation.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a lobbyist is “one who visits the lobby of a legislative body for the purpose of influencing the action of the member.”

Lobbyists that are “guns for hire” generally have an undesirable reputation. People who lobby for UT-Tyler, TJC, Mother Frances Hospital, ETMC, Tyler Economic Development Council, and so on are generally not thought of in a negative way.

Skip Ogle has lobbied for Suddenlink, a business with a major footprint in our community. Suddenlink employs approximately 1,400 employees and is the sixth largest employer in the community. They hire your neighbors, friends and customers. Representing Suddenlink’s interest in Austin is not a bad thing. This company has made a huge economic impact and has helped make Tyler and our surrounding area a great place to live and work.

I support Skip Ogle for District 6 state representative because he will be good for our community.

Ted Conover



Our state Rep. Matt Schaefer’s work ethic, family life and faith have made him a strong conservative leader for East Texas.

Matt gained his work ethic the old fashioned way. He earned it by working hard.

Throughout high school, he worked mowing lawns, fixing fences, hauling hay and sacking groceries.

Matt paid his expenses in college by running his own window washing business, working at an iron foundry and as a bank clerk.

He earned a degree in finance at Texas Tech and graduated with honors from Texas Tech law school.

His professional career has been broad and diverse – from a small town legal business with a special passion for helping seniors to working for an oil and gas company, to real estate, to advisor to the chairman of the Texas Sunset Commission.

It only takes a brief conversation with Matt Schaefer to discover a humble man of strong faith who loves our country, our Constitution, and our free enterprise system.

Matt is currently a Lt. Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve, and in 2010 he served in Afghanistan near the Iranian border with a Provincial Reconstruction Team.

His Navy service should be of note to all those who depend on the true 1 percent in this country, our military men and women, including my son who is a captain in the U.S. Army.

Diane Rydzak



I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of politicians who tell people what they want to hear and then fall short of their promises. Thank goodness we can count on Todd Staples. That is why I am voting for Todd for lieutenant governor.

Todd’s extensive experience as a city councilman, House Representative, State Senator and as our current Agriculture Commissioner has given him a proven track record. This experience is why East Texans can be assured Todd Staples will walk his talk and accomplish what he sets out to do.

Please join me in voting for Todd Staples as our next lieutenant governor.

David R. Iglesias



I’m not one to write letters to the editor, but it is so important we elect an East Texan who can produce results in Austin, I HAVE to speak out.

Todd Staples is running for lieutenant governor and East Texans need to know we need him in the office to represent our interests.

Todd is one of Texas’ youngest conservative statewide leaders and has championed private property owners’ rights, stood up to an over reaching EPA and developed a six-point plan to fix our broken immigration system that starts with securing our border and does not include amnesty.

Join me in supporting Todd Staples in his bid for lieutenant governor and let’s make sure our East Texas Son is where he can do the most good for us.

Gregory S. Adcock


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