Prayers for first lady

I have never written to the paper before but I must say that my prayers are with the first lady president of the United States. She will need it.

Shirley Jones


Reader to reader: Thanks for the memories of patriotic times

Thank you! Thank You! Dorothy Satterwhite.

You lived during my lifetime. I was 8 years old when we were attacked at Pearl Harbor.

My dad died June 1940 from pneumonia and before he died he bought me Kate’s Smiths record “God Bless America” which I loved to sing. We had a wind-up Victrola and I still have and it still works.

Many do not know we are a Republic even though the pledge says “and to the Republic, for which it stands.”

Thank you for letting me remember those days. I remember my mother giving us 10 cents or 25 cents to buy bonds. We were so united, really “one nation, under God.”

God bless you,

Ann Mitchell

Trump Supporter


Local leaders should lead by example with virus safety

When Governor Abbott’s executive order gave COVID-19-related power to mayors and county judges restricting outdoor gatherings to 10 people or less without authorization from those elected leaders, it’s doubtful he understood Gregg County Judge Bill Stoudt’s hypocrisy.

A recently published Longview News Journal photo exposed the County honcho at Rotary Club, a service group easily recognizable as the type gathering currently discouraged by politicos from meeting or sharing in-person attendance. Yet, Hizzoner arrogantly spoke “sans mask,” potentially infecting attendees and contributing to a deadly health crisis, in direct defiance of Texas Disaster Act Section 418.173, which requires fines up to $1,000.

As Gregg County experiences increased coronavirus cases, the man empowered to close retail businesses, bars, restaurants and in-home Thanksgiving gatherings, dismissively snubs and criminally ignores the very behavior he is charged to oversee. If Hizzoner is infected or perhaps asymptomatic, his elitist exempting himself from protocols he is charged with enforcing smacks of special privilege, stinks of malfeasance of duty and exhibits utter disrespect for citizens he swore to serve and protect.

Perhaps taxpayers should permanently quarantine Mr. Bill from his judgeship and let him social distance at home. The News-Journal photographic evidence proves he lacks concern for his constituent’s health, failing to responsibly discharge the judge’s attendant “leadership by example” obligation.

If more than 10 people outside is bad, imagine the impact of an indoor service club meeting. Gregg County taxpayers deserve better than blatant and disrespectful double standards.

Bob Gambill


Trump should bow out gracefully

Do you all remember, even though his supporters will deny it, when Trump told North Carolina voters to vote by mail, and then show up at the polling places and try to vote again? Do you think that happened? Well maybe we ought to investigate that for voter fraud. He wanted people to vote twice for him because that was his only chance. Now, as before the election he is saying that there was fraud. Well he commited it. His buddy Putin could not help him enough this time.

The Republicans in those states he is complaining about say there is not ANY evidence of fraud. The Republicans tried to get thousands of votes thrown out, and a Republican supreme court said NO. They tried and are trying anything to steal the election, but there own party knows it is BS. Biden beat Trump by over 4 million votes. He should get the picture and bow out gracefully for the good of the country, but Trump only cares about himself. He would win hands down in a biggest liar contest. Let us end this nonsense and come together as one country under God. We are only helping our enemies by all this.

Harvey Collen


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