Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sept. 24

I am in Longview, but I have attended Mass at the Catholic cathedral in Tyler on numerous occasions. The community of Tyler even has the Bishop Thomas K. Gorman high school; highly regarded for its namesake and its current student body’s excellence.

I have read various news articles about the stalled beatification (the first of two steps required for sainthood) for the famous 1950s and 1960s televangelist Archbishop Fulton Sheen, a native of Illinois, but who was a bishop three years in Rochester, New York.

Archbishop Sheen’s program was more popular than Milton Berle’s show (the Jerry Seinfeld of his day). Sheen used the Holy Bible and appealed to Protestants and Catholics alike. Contrary to myths, we Catholics pray to Almighty God and only ask “intercession” of others to join in prayer for particular prayer requests/needs.

I tell my Protestant family and friends, it’s comparable to a Protestant “prayer warrior.”

Recently a little boy was not breathing for 61 minutes and almost declared dead. However, the family prayed to God but also invoked Archbishop Sheen (who has been deceased 40 years, since 1979). The little boy began breathing. Pope Francis duly declared a “first miracle” (the first step), which enabled beatification. It requires another “miracle” for full-fledged sainthood.

I’d never shield a corrupt priest or bishop; yet Archbishop Sheen “walked the walk.” Nobody can dispute that Archbishop Sheen educated and spiritually enriched millions of people around the globe. He is probably more deserving of sainthood than most. Let Sheen become a saint, soon.

James A. Marples


Trump administration is hurting environment

Now the Trump administration is relaxing more environmental rules. He has previously ended many environmental laws.

Of course we know he pulled us out of a treaty of the Paris climate accord. His main goal is to change everything Obama did. His reason is he is still mad that he could not prove that Obama was not born in the USA.

Our environment is suffering enough now. It is a fact that the climate is warming now. A lot of species are going extinct now because of the warming and other factors.

We need to protect our environment and all the living things God has created. When he created them he said it is good I am pleased.

Everything on Earth is part of a cycle, dependent on one another, and they all need to be protected. Of course the energy and chemical companies put big bucks in the president’s and politicians’ pockets. Recently Trump relaxed rules for chemical companies, even though plants have spilled pollutants in to our air and water.

We need to vote all these incumbents out of office and a few new ones. Our children and grandchildren are the ones who will suffer.

Harvey Collen


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