Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sept. 24

Democrat impeachment hearings are a Soviet style show trial. Their efforts, along with the liberal media, are in fact, a political coup.

The political left has been hollering “coup” and “impeachment” even before the president took office.

It is interesting the current “whistleblower” chose an attorney who was stating “the coup has started” from the time of the election results.

The same sentiments are found in senior members of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Adam Schiff and his committee met with the whistleblower, probably helped with the complaint, and directed him or her to a liberal progressive coup promoting attorney.

The Intelligence Committee (an oxymoron) impeachment hearing rules orchestrated by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and implemented by Chairman Schiff show this to be nothing more than a show trial, and not a fair or impartial hearing designed to gather evidence.

As the Democrats revel in what they are doing, they are not smart enough, or strategic enough, to realize the implications of the Pandora’s box they have opened. They have raised impeachment to become nothing more than a political weapon.

From the beginning the Democrat strategy has been, if we dig long enough and deeply enough, we will find something with which to hang President Donald Trump.

My Lord has instructed me not to hate. I do not, and I won’t, but if I did, it would be Democrat, progressive, liberal leaders and their media lackeys.

Francis Franck


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