Letters to the Editor


For two years now I have lived across the road from Bergfeld Park and see the park is in use every day. This is a lovely park, many people use it for various activities.

I notice there have been renovations at the park, one being the I assume tennis courts, which I had never seen anyone playing there before, so I am not sure how useful they are. Why didn’t the city think about it before renovating it back in to a tennis court?

My suggestion is to look at a sister city in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They too have a rose district and it is quite up and coming. There is a nice shelter at the park. In the winter they have an ice rink and during the summer roller skating. It can also be used for an occasional rental for a party or family get-togethers.

My point is Bergfeld does not have any shelter. I see families getting together and having to cut things short because of the weather or the sun or the lack of tables. It would have made more sense to put an all-purpose use to the tennis court.

All these people gather there and love it and it could be made better for the holidays. You could put a Christmas tree on the stage and have a lighting of the greens. Case in point, look at Tulsa, Oklahoma Utica Square Lighting, they do it every Thanksgiving evening, been doing it for years, started very small and now a huge success.

I have lived in Texas for 10 years and still go back to Oklahoma for the lighting every year. It would be nice to start a new tradition.

Brenda Phillips



For those who remember how badly our power grid failed last winter, please make sure that you also remember that Congressman Louie Gohmert voted against the recently passed bipartisan infrastructure bill.

This bill will make long overdue investments in our failing roads, bridges, power grid, flood control, rail transportation, pollution control, water supplies, etc. It will also make us more competitive and provide jobs for thousands of workers.

Perhaps nine terms in Congress has distorted Gohmert’s views and he has become out of touch with us folks in East Texas. East Texans deserve certainly better. Keep that in mind when you vote next year.

David Crocker


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