A few days before Christmas I stopped at Barnes and Noble and as I was pulling out of their parking lot I noticed an envelope on my windshield!

I pulled back into the stall, got out and there was the enclosed Christmas tree with a note on the envelope. “Merry Christmas from our family to you. May your holiday be filled with joy and peace. God Bless.”

I opened the envelope and there was a $5 bill and 6 ones! This white haired old lady was stunned!

What a great Christmas lesson –‘tis better to give than receive!

Thank you to this child and his/her parents!

You made my Christmas!

Kim Yelas Meyer




I am very sorry my congressional delegation ( Congressman Gohmert, Sen Cruz, and Sen Cornyn) have all endorsed Donald Trump’s attempt to VIOLENTLY overthrow the United States Government. How can I say that? None of them have given a full and complete, broadly circulated, condemnation of Donald and what he did. There is no mystery of who tried to do what to whom.

Quoting from the Economist. “His (President Trump) lies fed the grievance, his disregard for the constitution focused it on Congress and his demagoguery lit the fuse. Pictures of the mob storming the Capitol, gleefully broadcast in Moscow and Beijing just as they were lamented in Berlin and Paris, are the defining images of Mr. Trump’s un-American presidency.”

What side of freedom are you Louie, Ted, and John?

Konrad Kern




Trump told his followers, which included our enemies, to march on the Capitol and show strength, and he would be there with them. I guess sitting safely in his office watching it unfold on TV is what he considers with them.

Five people died because of Trump inciting that riot. He came out much later praising them and telling them to be lawful. He held up the National Guard when his people were telling him he needed to send them. He did not care about people getting hurt or the damage being done to our government.

Now that he is facing strong criticism he is saying all those rioters need to be prosecuted. He sent them to riot, and now he says they should pay for following him. He is throwing them under the bus.

He cannot face the fact of losing. He knew he lost and tried everything to change it. He lost over 50 court cases. Most of the cases were laughed out of court. It was the most secure election ever. He was rebuffed by his own Republican allies.

He is a spoiled brat. He is dangerous to stay in office.I do not see how anyone can follow him. If he was any kind of a sane man he should resign.

I pray our country can come together.

Harvey Collen


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